Rutilated quartz: my personal energizer

One of my turn-to crystals when I am really tired, is rutilated quartz. One of the Super 7 crystals, I have several pieces in jewellery and wear them often. The rutile is trapped inside quartz, which acts as a battery, and looks like pieces of hair caught inside the clear stone (known as Angel or Venus hair). It is sometimes so thin, you can hardly see it until its golden appearance is heightened by light. It can seem bronze, silver or gold in colour, and, although I am not scientific, this fine metal is the base ore to titanium!! The hair strands have been referred to as ‘captured sunshine’ in ancient times, and even back then, this was regarded as a magickal mood-changer. It helps restore a person’s vitality helps you feel better. Its titanium content helps give you strength to conquer your fears, and help you conquer changes and new directions. It has the ability to bring universal light into your very being via the aura, dispelling negative energies and replacing it with positive energy flow. It helps you let go of whatever may be holding you back, including the past, and helps you magickally overflow with renewed energy, feeling uplifted, and feel that you can overcome anything. I love it and it will be available as a Mabon exchange of energy gift on my return, to help us all get through this winter, along with a magickal cauldron divination…
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