Ruby in Fushite (Anyolite)

When I first saw this polished version of Ruby in Fuchsite (also called Anyolite), I jumped at the chance of buying a good stock because I knew I would probably never come into contact with it again so this is your chance to add a new crystal to your collection. I have seen ruby in natural Zoisite but never a combo like this. The ruby crystals of deep red sit in patterns of green and blue and are just wonderful.
Now whoever owns a piece of ruby, wealth will never leave!! This alone is a reason to own some but I sleep with it under my pillow not only to keep my kids fed and with shoes but it also counteracts the effects of caffeine on the body (I have cut down to 2-3 cups daily of Fair Trade ground coffee but the ruby ensures it does no damage). Put together by Mother Nature herself, these stones are great detoxifiers and health promoting stones increasing passion and vitality for life and fighting against lethargy and exhaustion. It helps to increase ideas and creativity and show your uniqueness in this world and to utilise those talents you have to bring prosperity into your life.
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