Rosehip syrup and Elderberry Rob

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Making healthy Rosehip syrup…
Autumn is the time to raid the hedgerows. I used to make rosehip syrup for over the winter and the kids took it no probs and never seemed to get coughs and colds. Also get some good old fashioned Malt Extract with Cod Liver oil from your local pharmacy (I called it “Toffee on a spoon” haha!! – Cruel mum I know…) but they usually remained cough and cold-free over the winter.

Nowadays, we tend to rely too much on chemical products so how about having a go to make your own home-made natural remedies…at a cost of next to nothing – just time…so here is how to make good old-fashioned Rosehip syrup to keep the kids topped up with Vitamin C through the winter…

Gather about 40g-50g fresh rosehips, rinse and put into an enamel pan (glass or stainless steel will also do but no non-stick or aluminium). Cover with 750ml cold water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 30 minutes until it has been reduced by a third. Strain the liquid through a sieve into a jug and press rosehips to ensure as much goodness and liquid goes in the decoction. Add back to the pan with equal amount of local honey (500ml decoction to 500ml honey) and stir until it is dissolved. Pour into sterilized dark glass bottles, preferably with cork stoppers as syrups can ferment…keep in the fridge and give children 5ml daily for their natural vitamin C.

Elderberry rob can also be made the same way using elderberries. Again, full of Vitamin C, this was used at the first sign of a cold. Add a spoonful of the elderberry rob to a spoonful honey and juice half lemon and add hot water for a warming, soothing children’s drink.

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