Rose quartz – the stone of Love…

Rose is the stone of love and emotional healing and it is said to dream of this stone is to tell you that your true love is coming or even just arrived! It heals the emotional wounds left from past hurts and broken hearts. Sleep with a natural piece next to the bed to heal your heart whilst you rest, and carry a heart in your pocket or wear a rose heart necklace to attract love and lovely people into your life. Put your rose heart next to a pink candle inscribed with a heart and burn daily to add extra spell-power to your search. Rose also opens you to learn how to give and receive love – we can become very defensive when we have been hurt and rose helps those walls to slowly come down to let love in once again. It also helps you be who you want to be and teaches you that, to learn to love others, you must first learn to love yourself. Equally, if you are feeling unloved, carrying rose quartz will comfort and heal you whilst attracting nice people into your life. It will heal the heart when you lose someone you love and can also help to wipe out any hurtful memories from the past so that you can move forward. Placing a chunk in a teenager’s room will calm their emotions too and thus your home and help them to be a little kinder to the rest of the family.
Rose quartz sends out a soft loving energy which calms and soothes the emotions to bring peace and harmony. It helps dissolve old patterns and habits and is a wonderful crystal to have around children, those here and those yet to be born so good for every home. Rose helps to manifest love in every manner, bringing love, compassion, tolerance and understanding to the family home. It allows people to unite in their differences and brings forgiveness in all areas including yourself. It calms stress, aids self-confidence and the pink brings the ray of hope even in the darkest of moments…I reckon we all need some of the pink right now!!
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