This is a much disregarded crystal but very useful little pink and black stone. Rhodonite opens and heals the heart and stimulates the heart chakra bringing out our ability to give and receive love, no matter how far down it is hidden. It helps to build confidence and gets rid of any anxiety you might have so very important when the heart needs to be healed. Rhodonite is also useful at offering support in cases of self destruction or abuse. It helps to heal emotional wounds, no matter how far back they go, and it will help release slowly those pent up feelings like anger and resentment and replace them with re-empowerment and a feeling of laying the past to rest, ridding you of the feelings of loneliness and betrayal. Got a teenager who hates everyone and everything and thinks you and the rest of the world are against them? This little stone can help them. Said something you later regretted? Then use this stone and there will be no retaliation as it will help calm the upset caused.
This crystal is pink with black veins and is to help reveal your hidden talents for transformation of you, our planet and the good of all, and to help attract those that are good for you and to you, so you can achieve your purpose in lifeā€¦to love and be loved. If we all displayed more love for this world and the people in it, our planet would be a lot nicer place to live on!! This stone will help support you to get your power back and effect change in both your life and that of others. Time to leave fear and control behind (the black) and soothe it with love and calm and forgiveness, (pink) and in turn, nurture your heart to nurture your soul and help to reveal the real you deep down inside!!

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