One of my favourite crystals is the beautiful pink of Rhodochrosite and if I am feeling out of sorts, I love to wear and carry this stone. Pink is not my colour so you will never see me wear rose quartz but I love this deeper pink. Rather than being a watery stone of love, it is a fire-filled stone of passion, creativity, courage and love… much more my thing! It is a supportive stone of courageous survival, and when doubting oneself, it helps calm fear and panic, especially that irrational sort of fear than is completely unfounded but the sort we can all let run free at times. Not only does Rhodochrosite still the panic and fear, but it instils joy and passion into life. It opens the senses and helps you see the good things in life, no matter how simple. One night recently, I sat with my crystal in the garden. It was a lovely night so I randomly decided to light a bonfire and happily sat watching the setting of the sun and bats swooping at twilight, entranced by the magick before me whilst enjoying a fine Rioja with my man by my side…that was the effect of rhodochrosite…simple joy!! It is not a ‘Take-the-world-by-storm’ kinda stone but a chill-in-the-21stcentury’ kinda crystal! Let this stone take you on a relaxing journey that may turn out to be the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime, and let it help you have the courage, creativity and passion to seek out the things you truly want and make the changes you need to have the life you want for yourself and to help those dreams become a reality…!!
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