Quartz Sceptre

The Queen keeps her sceptre in the Tower of London – ok so hers contains the biggest diamond in the world and she can remove it to wear as a brooch, but the sceptre has been used since Atlantis and Lemurian times for those who were in the position of High Priest or priestess. The Queens Sceptre was made for ceremony in the 17th Century, but I am referring to the natural quartz sceptre. It looks like a quartz point which has grown over the top of another one – my sceptre is a clear quartz rod with a smoky quartz top and is just gorgeous. High grade ones are quite rare but you can easily access some of the not-so-rare and expensive ones.

I managed to get a few of these little rarities, so thought I would mention them for you collectors of crystals. I found mine years ago and love it, and also have a mini one for my pocket when feeling ‘out-of-sorts’ too, to bring me back into balance! A Sceptre is a crystal point that has grown on top of another crystal point, creating this bulbous tool for fertility and for energy direction. The really powerful ones will be large and quite clear, but their rarity makes it a tool you would want for your collection, clear or not! I carried mine with me when I wasn’t as confident in where I was going as I am now, and really found it a courage-boosting, energy flowing crystal. Each one is individual and attunes to your needs, so these are ones you find for yourself, not just send for off from some random website, as the energy and connection between you has to feel right! It will help you see what you need in your life and what you don’t, and will help unblock blockages in your energy pathways, spreading that energy through your nervous system like the branches of a tree. The tool is a natural director of energy and can be used to cleanse the aura and remove negativity from it.

However, the sceptre is believed to have an affinity with the heart – something that is current now as we need to move from the head to the heart centre and the place of Universal love. To open the heart and balance it, hold your sceptre at heart level with the point facing the heart. This will help open its ability to give and receive love with many other benefits too. It allows us to work out what is really important in our lives – what really matters! Your personal sceptre will attune itself to you and work for you. It will then allow energy to flow through the body and help any other crystals that you are working with too. If you are lost, it will help you find yourself. If you have no direction, it will help you find your way. This is a wonderful tool – let it help you.

If you wish to find balance in your life, then find your symbol of power, your sceptre, and once cleansed, carry with you to allow it to find your balance & direction in life.

If, however, you are the sort of person who simply gives your power away, a reversed sceptre will help you find your balance and harmony and to help you get your power back…these have tiny tip and bulbous base!
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