Quartz rainbow aura (but now also known as flame aura…)

This is a really pretty stone though the first time I saw it, I didn’t like it so didn’t get any in. Perhaps I wasn’t ready for what it was to do for me but am now as I think it is really pretty – in fact, stunning is more the description. This is quartz coated with Titanium and Niobium, and displays peacock type colours with blues, purples, pinks and gold. As I have already mentioned, the universe has been pushing to move us all on with our lives and this is indeed the crystal to assist that transformation and helps us to evolve from the old in the new – maybe that is why I have waited until now to be attracted to it and get it in stock – it was just biding its time until it was needed. Physically, it promotes well-being to the physical body and balances the water levels within the body (dehydration being one of the biggest health issues these days as we drink rubbish that does nothing but degrade our health). It also helps the body to produce negative ions to counteract all the nasty positive ones going around again playing unknowingly with our health so even with the physical, it will be doing a simple but wholly worthwhile little job.
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