Quartz Phantom

The phantom quartz, if you look within, has the ghost of a previous point where it was at – a sort of past life!! Sometimes, you can see the whole mountainous image where it has been, others lots of growth marks, yet others, just the slightest hint of a presence. They are each unique and very special and I keep one with my tarot cards to enhance the psychic connection. Phantoms can be used for meditation as it connects you with the higher dimensions and your spiritual guide (another reason for using with tarot/oracle cards), and also for past life recall as it allows access to your akashic records so as to allow you to move forward. Any issues in this lifetime can be helped by accessing answers via the phantom quartz…a valuable tool indeed!! You will need to work closely and always always treat it with the utmost respect and it will, in turn, help you to help yourself whether clearing you of negative energy or fixations from the past that can be badly influencing the present.
I have green chlorite phantoms, which can inspire and heal through balance, and white phantoms which connects to your past live/phase and the soul purpose for being on the Earth plane
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