Quartz Crystal clear

First so-named as it looked like ice that never melted to prehistoric man, this is the most common crystal on the planet appearing just about everywhere but it also happens to be the most useful (the whole world relies on this stone – think of clocks and computers!!). If you only ever want to buy one crystal, then this is it. It is good for the mind, body and soul, works on every level, and if put with other crystals, will act as a battery pack to them making them more efficient at what they need to do. There is so much that quartz does that you can use it for everything – just instruct it as to your needs and it will get to work. There are also so many different configurations with quartz that is can literally be a minefield out there so over the next few newsletters, I will try and cover the various different types there are and will hopefully make a little sense at the wonders of this common but amazing crystal. Quartz to me is the sun and the moon, Goddess & God, male (clear) and female (cloudy) & represents both fire and water. It was mistaken for frozen water in days gone by & can be just as cold as ice, but equally can start a fire if the sun shines through it (so don’t place your crystal sphere in the window for the sun to catch or I can predict you might be saying goodbye to your home!!) Quartz can be worn to magickally heal or protect you, attract good luck, stimulate psychic ability & two points in the palm of your hands will aid meditation. A crystal ball, if you learn to use it, will divine the future whilst a crystal pendulum can answer questions you may have. Put quartz in water on a full moon, leave to infuse and it can be drunk to help restore health. Any spell can be enhanced by placing empowered quartz alongside the spell. On my altar, I sit any spell inside a circle of 12 crystal points – the points pointing inward for most magick but the points facing outward should the spell be protective or defensive. I use that number because I have 13 points – one for each moon of the year but my 13th is the Control crystal, which I use to join the circle of quartz together, placing the spell in a force field so to speak!! I also use a special small laser quartz point to inscribe candles for magick again using the quartz to empower the candle. If you have quartz points and tumbles on your altar, you can magickally utilise them in all sorts of ways should you put your mind to it.
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