Quartz Clusters

A cluster is a group of crystals that have all grown together and the little points sparkle in all directions. I love them for their beauty, especially the little Chinese clusters, but they are extremely efficient at working too. They simply pull in and push out energy all around so cleanse the area they are in, cleanse any crystals/jewellery that are placed on them, or change those nasty ions that are so bad from computers, TV’s phones etc, into good so they help maintain our health and stop us from getting sick. I have quite a few quartz clusters scattered around my lounge as there are always at least 2 laptops, a TV, maybe a PS2 or similar and the phone, plus mobiles going off every 10 minutes that are attached to my sons and step sons, so I like to keep everything on an even keel in there. So, if you want your home to have an energy that is harmonious and peaceful, and the teenagers just won’t leave home, then add a few of these to the living areas and things should improve – well the energy of the home will – cannot promise that the teenagers will be peaceful but it helps!!
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