Quantum Quattro

Take the adventurous qualities of malachite, the healing aspect of Dioptase, the serenity of chrysocolla and the spirituality of shattukite, mix it all up with earthy protective smoky quartz and you have this major stone of transformation…well, it must be, look at what’s in it. A stone hasn’t excited me this much since my first encounter with Super 7. I didn’t take to this stone at first judging by its hotch-potch look but, my supplier insisted I took it… so I did. Only when I actually took time to look and it spend time with it did I see its potential…and I nearly dismissed it!! Someone was nagging at me to pay attention and notice this stone!!
As soon as I held a piece and started to play with it, I did not want to let it go. This stone can help open things up which is the point of the “big shift” of this year, yet instantly seems to calm me down. It is a stone of movement, helping me move forward on my journey. Even when I don’t know what to do next, it helps to clear the way, open things up, get rid of negative thinking and helps me move on. Hurt emotions from the past seem to disappear and I can even “go above” destructive behaviour from others and rise over it. It is definitely a stone of major love vibrations so is majorly beneficial to your relationships with those close to you, and brings about tranquility that I have seldom felt, that I just want this stone with me at all times. As a healing stone, it can help leave bad thoughts, habits and addictions behind that no longer serve. The stone feels like a well-being tonic to the body, dissolving stress and fatigue. I feel empowed yet serene
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