This yellow gold stone was known as Fool’s Gold, because gold miners would think they had struck rich when they came across it. This is known as the stone of happiness, due to it helping give you both the will and the drive to succeed, and achievement in your life will bring contentment (hopefully) as you see your dreams becoming reality. It isn’t an expensive stone unless you go for the specimens so is readily available to all to unleash that creativity and harmony in your life. Magickally, it will draw money and change your luck so what are you waiting for.
Working on your solar plexus, this stone focuses your will to get things done in the here and now – no talking, just action!! Have in your pocket and hold in your hand when tired – instant energy boost without the calories!! Although a male energy, it works in an assertive, warrior-like sense giving confidence and support in the task ahead, even for women, helping you to battle through the challenges life is throwing at you. You can think straight and clear (great for students) and it is creative, so aids ambition in whatever field you have chosen from arty subjects to scientific ones. No more negative thoughts with this stone – just confidence & power.
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