Psychic attack and how to defend yourself

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 26th June 2015

I thought I would do a wee bit on defence as I have had a few people in just lately who reckon they are under psychic attack.

Now firstly, when things go wrong in your life, it doesn’t necessarily mean someone is getting at you. Most of the time, when people believe they are being attacked, they are not, but their negativity in the situation will attract more negativity and so the cycle continues. However, a few safeguards can sometimes make you feel better and less negative and more able to cope.

Protect yourself by wearing your pentagram, Jewish star or cross (whichever your belief system), or stones like quartz, amber, jet or obsidian, carrying/wearing them all the time and cleansing them daily. Black tourmaline can reflect any bad vibes back to source so any hexes can be avoided and people shouldn’t send negative thoughts anyway!! If you don’t have black tourmaline, then any black stone will help.

Try inhaling geranium oil with your eyes closed. Seeing it coming into your aura will keep your personal space safe from attack, as will Labradorite, as it protects you whilst filling in any gaps in the aura helping to assure safety.

My magickal protection oil can also be useful for guarding your person and your space – it helps protect things like your desk at work and that sort of thing. Simply apply it as a perfume and to any area you need protecting as well and leave it to do its work.

The main thing to remember is that you are as good as the next person and you don’t have to take any of their negative problems onboard. Psychic attack is like voodoo – apart from a minority of cases, it only works if you believe in it and think you are under attack yourself.

Only then can it harm you. However, if you feel unsafe or under attack, then visualise a blue sphere of light beginning from your belly button and then make it bigger until it encompasses the whole of you and extends out as far as you need it to go.

When I am working magickally in a circle, it includes the whole space even if it rises through the floor into the next flat, whereas, if I am in the car, the blue sphere acts like a big balloon round the vehicle so any danger bounces off… but the protective circle can come in very handy.

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