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By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Psoriasis was one of the first issues I was asked to help many years ago and since then, I have helped lots of people with my suggestions. One of two didn’t find my thoughts helpful but the majority have, even if only in a small way. I hope my suggestions will be useful to you.

Psoriasis was one of the first issues I was asked to help many years ago and since then, I have helped lots of people with my suggestions. One of two didn’t find my thoughts helpful but the majority have, even if only in a small way. I hope my suggestions will be useful to you.

Psoriasis is a common skin condition that can cause a great deal of stress and embarrassment. It is an internal issue that gives an external problem. It can affect any part of the body – but mainly is seen on knees, scalp, low back, elbows and shins. It is noticeable by its raised red patches covered with scaly skin. This is caused by the thickening of the outer skin layers so gets this sort of build-up. The skin goes hyper, speeding up the cells development, so that it produces poor cells that cannot shed so build up…sort of!!

It is not contagious but can run in families and often begins in adolescence. It cannot be cured but can be controlled. There is always an internal trigger, whether stress, anxiety or illness, and is aggravated by damp cold conditions or situation changes. We can get rid of the outcome (the rash) but not the trigger so at times, it may seem as though Psoriasis never goes away.

The rash doesn’t appear to be itchy but can be hot or painful.

Liver support can be quite useful as can supplements and dietary attention. However, all suggestions should be tried gently as the body can go into crisis if you do too much at once and that will make the skin worse before it gets better so one step at a time…

Stage 1:

Our first suggestion to sufferers is to try our Psoriasis cream, which takes a different view to Steroid creams which I think thins the skin. It contains a mix of tinctures and oils to help repair the skin, is extremely popular and I always have to have it on the shelf as I am not allowed to run out of it.

Psoriasis sufferers are found to be Omega 3 deficient (Eskimos never get psoriasis) so I also think taking 2-3000mg Cod liver oil and 1300mg Evening primrose oil (or 1 x EPA/GLA softgel and 1-2 fish oil capsules) very useful and should be for life.

Baths can be helpful but can be drying so always add a couple teaspoons oil to some milk and add to the bath so that the oil helps keep your skin soft.

Hemp oil is excellent for psoriasis but any good quality carrier oil will assist in keeping the skin soft. Apply oil to all of your skin after patting dry immediately after the bath too to prevent the skin becoming dry. It is a fact that people with psoriasis have drier skin than others without psoriasis hence why we try and add oil inside and out.

It is also helpful for you to keep your immune system healthy and topped up at all times as infection can cause outbreaks. Take Echinacea or thyme to keep your system healthy and add a few drops Cajeput to your bath

Alcohol is bad for psoriasis possibly because it adds extra strain on the liver so it is best to remove alcohol completely if possible from your way of life. Drink 8 glasses pure water (not flavoured) daily and try adding juices such as carrot or celery as some experts believe these can also help.

Every time the sun is out and you have 5 minutes, get your skin out in the sun and help your skin top up its Vitamin D. Spend as much time out in the sun and I know you may feel that you want to stay covered up but your skin will improve greatly with the fresh air and sunshine so do yourself a favour.

Stage 2:

If the above suggestions haven’t led to improvement, then we must go internal.

We have a psoriasis tincture which includes Red Clover, which is helpful for skin conditions and other tinctures to support the liver and the immune system. This should be taken 3 times daily and up to 5 times if things are on a downturn (overstressed etc). Cajeput & lavender in the bath can boost the immune system and help skin repair. Epsom or Dead Sea salts added to the water can sometimes be helpful too.

Continue with the cream and supplements, and all the other suggestions in stage 1.

Also take extra zinc and a good multi-vitamin which includes selenium and Vitamin A & E. Selenium is extremely useful for psoriasis. It is contained in chicken, broccoli, onions, garlic and seafood. Take 100-200mcg daily.

Also take a good B-complex as this helps the body with stress so may cut down the stress-related outbreaks.

Avoid if possible cuts and injuries as these can turn into lesions and become a new site for psoriasis.

Add extra fish to your diet as well as the capsules. Eat plenty of oily fish such as tuna and mackerel.

If you are a guy and shave, use electric to avoid cuts thus avoiding new lesions.

Stage 3:

The Candidiasis diet is something I insist everybody who has psoriasis follows. This stage should eventually be put into place by every Psoriasis sufferer as it should be a way of life for the rest of your life. However, it is upto you to decide when you want to put it into your life – this is usually when the skin is ok and not undergoing a bad breakout.

The sheet is available from the website or via my shop.

There are also some very good books including cookbooks if you want more information on this subject. I think it helps to eliminate certain foods including wheat and dairy, and obviously all junk and convenience foods, and put in just good whole food to feed the body properly with nutrients and everything it need to support its extremely delicate system. You are what you eat and your skin says your body is out of this delicate balance.

Keep an eye on your food intake and see if anything makes the psoriasis worse…it has been reported that tomatoes and tomato-based foods (pasta, pizza etc) can make it worse so well worth keeping an eye on your intake just in case there is some favourite food of yours that is actually making your skin worse…Gluten is another issue but if you follow the candiasis diet, wheat and dairy are removed anyway. Avoid citrus fruits too.

Unfortunately for you, you can now only put good fuel into your body and the cleaner and more nourishing the diet, the better for your body and the better your skin will reflect it once the body is back to balance.

Added Milk thistle extra to the tincture blend is also found to be helpful at the point of adding the diet into the programme, as liver support is vital to psoriasis sufferers.

Digestive enzymes and probiotics are another supplement that can be helpful in some cases.

The balance is also upset by lifestyle. If you have psoriasis and a stressful job, you will always have

flare-ups. Try to evaluate your life and make it as stress-free and balanced as possible, especially if stages 1 and 2 failed to improve your condition.

If you cannot change your job/situation, then try to find ways of managing your mental state, whether through meditation, relaxation, yoga or whatever can help relax you more. If you don’t have hobbies that calm you, then take a look at your life and work out what you can fit in to get away from your stress. Walk more, get a dog, or join a class –

I hope these suggestions can help your situation and improve things for you. Remember, baby steps so your system can cope with the changes.

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