Witches Gold blend


Witches Gold is aptly named because without your health, regardless of your bank balance, you have nothing, and if you can live healthily and without sickness, you are a truly rich person indeed...

My “kill-or-cure” blend mixes together the fighting powers of tea tree (can kill MRSA), eucalyptus (used to avoid the plague), lemon (nature’s antiseptic), thyme (embalming oil) and cinnamon (powerful infection-fighter), so you can imagine what this concoction is capable of when you put all this killing power together. It was certainly tried and tested when I got ill as no-one else in the house caught my bugs; this oil was on in every room!! So, include these oils in your home and help avoid infection whilst keeping well this winter £4.50 per 5ml bottle £8.50 per 10ml bottle

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