Litsea Cubeba (May chang)


Also known as May Chang, I decided to bring you a new essential oil to freshen the home, especially at the dullest time of the year January/February. This oil is a very useful oil when the viruses are about, as you can spray it or burn it in a vaporiser to freshen and cleanse the air. As the storms rise and the winds blow, it isn’t always possible to air the home but, being anti-viral and antiseptic, Litsea Cubeba will do it for you. Its odd lemony fragrance is an aromatic mix of lemon, bergamot and lemongrass with a slight sharpness that I can’t quite determine and a bit of orange sweetness thrown in for good measure. It also is a great deodorant and very refreshing in the bath, especially if feeling a bit sweaty with the flu!! £2.75 for 5ml and £5.00 for 10ml - not bad eh!!
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