Camellia oil


Oh I do get excited when I find a new addition to my apothecary – sad really but when I find oil I have never used or even heard of, it sets me off on a journey, especially if I can utilize it. So welcome to Camellia oil.

Only produced in Japan and England, this was the secret weapon of all Geisha girls to keep their skin fresh and flawless. It can soothe even the most sensitive skin and nourish & rehydrate tired skin keeping it dewy fresh! This oil makes a perfect cleanser or moisturiser for every skin including oily, combination, acne-prone and ultra-sensitive. It can even help dry eczema and can be used for lines around the lips and eyes, hence it is in our new Morgaine formula above. Like rosehip oil, it can prevent stretch marks and can even help fade the red from recent scars and stretch marks and if you massage through your scalp and work down the hair, it can silken frizzy hair. Body wise, it makes a wonderful, luxurious body moisturiser for both you and baby so even takes care of the most precious of skins.

A great addition to your beauty box: 50ml £6.50…

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