Bunion bliss Roller


If you have ever been out shopping or walking and suddenly, the base of your foot starts to burn, you may have the warning signs of an impending bunion!! In fact, I have purchased more pairs of shoes because of this, finding that changing shoes can ease the pain, or made my poor pal swap her shoes for mine in the middle of a shopping centre, until we get home as we are the same size; very handy indeed!! Sorry Chris…

Bunions tend to afflict mainly women, and are one of the commonest deformities of the feet. A displacement of the bone under the big toe causes this toe to move towards the 2nd toe. This causes the bunion joint to stick out of the side of the foot and rub in shoes. Pain, redness and swelling follows and feet become too wide for normal shoes. I have now lost the ability to even move my big toe back itself and it now naturally moves towards the 2nd toe…sexy or what!! Finding shoes can be difficult and cheap shoes are out; at least leather shoes can stretch to allow comfort for the joint. But what can be done to help? You know me by now; I get a problem and I am going to solve it even if it takes the rest of my days…so help is at hand!!
Hard skin forms under the foot on the ball, so keep this down by soaking the feet, and then grate hard skin away. Doing this after bathing is easier because the hard skin is much softer. This helps, but bunion pain can be awful so something had to be found to keep the pain down. Well, after lots and lots of different products have been disgarded, I have found a remedy to help. Yep, the “Bunion bliss” roller has been developed and really can ease the pain. Each night, the oil should be rollered over the bunion joint on the foot and the callous of hard skin on the ball of the foot, and smoothed in. After becoming pain free, I stopped using it and the pain did return after a couple of weeks. Back on with the oil and the pain went away again with the bunion less swollen and angry… and pain-free shopping - success!!

Bunion bliss marigold roller available £6.50

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