Argan oil


Argan oil comes from Morocco and is pretty much unheard of in this country. However, the oils used for Centuries in certain areas are now being used in other continents for their fantastic qualities, and not just locally. This is one such oil.
Argan oil is rare and seasonal and not commonly available. It makes an excellent oil to apply before and after sunbathing as its high Omega 6 content helps the skin regenerate making the skin soft and supple after its exposure to the sun. This regenerative quality also makes it excellent for mature and dry skin and the sensitive skin area around the eyes (the reason I have it in stock in the first place!!). It also helps with rheumatic joints so a great base for massage with useful essential oils. It is used for massage in the Turkish baths and have always taken this medicinal oil internally. Its nutty flavour makes it an excellent addition to summer salads and dishes with that high omega content playing a very nutritious part.

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