Amber is actually a tree resin that solidifies and fossilises. Hints of colours come from inclusions that would have fell into the resin whilst it was still soft or air bubbles trapped within. To tell real amber, rub it against wool or silk to charge it with electricity and it will pick up a small piece of paper – good test considering so much of it on the market is plastic! Since time began, amber has been used for healing and is even thought to possess life. Containing the energy of the sun, this is a stone of energy to calm the nerves and brighten up your life. A stone of luck, strength, healing and protection, I wear a piece of amber all the time. It is a talisman of travel, so keep a piece in the car. If you are feeling negative, carry or wear a piece of amber to transmute this. Place on your altar to enhance any magickal work or give to your partner to enhance your commitment to each other. Feeling indecisive – wear amber. Need courage or a change of luck – wear amber. Stressed and tired and need energy – wear amber. In days gone by, it would have been ground down and used as a penicillin-type remedy. Its healing capabilities purify the body, mind and spirit. Yellow amber brings forward creative energies, whilst green amber opens the heart and attracts love. What can one say – it has been used for everything over the last 3000 years so what can you lose – see what it does for you. Small natural amber £1.oo. High grade polished amber: from £1.00 - £5.00
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