Problem with the neighbours…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

We live by the law of “Do what you will, but harm none!!” Most of the time, this is easy to abide by. However, there are times when the malace or venom of others begins to affect you and your family and a reaction is required, necessary and fully justified because you can no longer turn a blind eye or a deaf ear and solicitors are expensive. We are not trying to cause them harm, but we need to send back what they are creating and sending to you!!

It was used in Scotland at those who made the local folk homeless during the Highland Clearances, so if a landlord or neighbour is making your life hell, maybe you can distract them with a little chaos. Here is that spell! Perform at the dark moon (the night before the New Moon).

You will need:
5 pebbles from a beach, small, flat, max palm size and smoothed by the sea

1 x black candle, any shape

1 x charcoal disc and some frankincense and rosemary

1 x handful salt & 1 x tumbler water

Outside in the dark moon gather your things. If you cannot do it outside, set up on your altar and put the pebbles on a tray, to make a cairn shape. Light your charcoal in a small cauldron and your candle within a holder.

State: “I hereby call on the power of chaos and send this to ………………… with no harm intended”

Place hands about the candle & state: “All that burns between these hands is all the warmth you will receive……”

Sprinkle the frankincense and the rosemary onto the charcoal and state “May you remember the harm you have caused my family and this I now return so may you cease”

Sprinkle salt over the pebbles and state “Nothing shall grow of thee”

Pour the water over the pebbles and state “Nothing shall be nourished of thee”

Hold each pebble in the incense smoke and state “No grace shall be received of thee”

Drip one drop of black wax from the candle onto each stone to seal the spell.

Before morning, leave the stones at their gate or on their wall piled like a small cairn. It is done

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