Picnic/BBQ spell for luck…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

If you are with friends of like minds and having a social gathering, try this as a group spell:

Take 8 tealights or candles in jars and make yourself a large circle on the ground with your table/picnic blanket in the centre. On the table, place a glass of dedicated wine, a candle and a atural pebble/tumble stone for each person and a bowl of mixed nuts and seeds.

Light your candle circle, starting with north. One by one, pick up a pebble in the left hand and light a t-light from the North candle.

Close your eyes and make a wish and place the candle on the table, pick up the relevant nut, make the wish again, dip it in the ritual wine, make the wish for the 3rd time and eat the nut and take a drink of the wine. (Almonds – money, pistachio – love, pecan – employment, hazelnut – fertility, walnut – intelligence, seeds – change).

Make as many wishes as you need or refirm by eating multiple nuts. Enjoy the wine together and make a group toast. Take your pebble home as a lucky charm and a reminder of your wish made that day. Keep safe until your wish materialises.

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