I jetted off to Lanzarote where I surprisingly discovered Olivine set amongst the basalt lava flows. This caused great excitement as Peridot is one of my favourite stones! So what is the difference? This question has gone on for ever…some say Olivine is from Hawaii and everything else is Peridot…tell that to Lanzarote who refer to their green stone as Olivine. Others say it is the opposite! I do admit colour-wise Peridot seems lighter, clearer and more sparkly than Olivine, which is more ‘Olive’-coloured – hence its name, but conclude that Peridot is the gem grade of Olivine. The Olivine in the basalt I found was granular in formation so I think it is down to how long it was forming before being extracted from the earth’s core and its cooling process – whether slowly in the hot core or quicker on the surface, making large or small crystals!!
The crystal is formed deep within the Earth in alkaline magma, like sugar crystals in a jar of jam. When there is a volcanic eruption, the peridot is torn away and brought to the surface by the rising magma and blown out as ‘bombs’ within the magma. It also explains why there has been peridot found inside a large meteor in Mexico – must be from a star exploding deep within the Universe! Anyway, this whole thing has fascinated me and made me want to know more about volcanoes. Until Lanzarote, I have never seen the result of a volcanic eruption. I had delayed flights due to the ash from the recent Icelandic eruption, but never seen what happens when an eruption flows and the devastation it leaves behind!! Living Geology in action…amazing!!
This olive-green stone has been used for centuries and is only found in green due to its high iron content. Pharaohs used it as a symbol of their power and strength, whilst Egyptians only mined it at night as they believed it shone in the dark like a torch of fire and Alchemists believed that, carved as a sphere with a hole through it and worn round the neck, it would protect against ‘black & evil energies’.
I personally use it as a stone of hope, happiness and renewed optimism. It attracts warmth and friendship whilst dispelling resentment and hate. It helps you recognize and remove any negative thinking that brings you down and encourages you to get out there and see the real beauty in this world…just like finding this sunny green crystal sparkling happily amongst the devastating, grey lava flows! When down and disheartened, ‘lean on the green’ to fill your heart and soul with happiness, joy and hope, while emitting calm vibrations to negate this upsetting element of anger and fear, and help us move forward in peace and harmony, all for one and one for all!!

I always find it a warm, friendly, loving crystal that always seems to make me feel happier and full of life. Even though this is an Earth crystal, I always associate it with the Sun, maybe because in the past, the Greeks and Romans connected it with the Sun but maybe the cosy warmth I always feel from it made me believe it was a Sun stone…but it ain’t!! In the past, peridot has been associated with protection and wealth too.
This is a great stone to wear or carry to help you get rid of negative habits; maybe it’s that sunny positive feel again making you believe in yourself and your ability to let bad habits go…!! It also attracts abundance and success in all undertakings so whether you are a home bud who has to keep the family finances going or self-employed, this stone can give you that creative urge to carry on and succeed.
For those for whom life hasn’t been so good lately, this stone not only gives you warmth and support, but helps you move on rather than live in the past and keep going over what mistakes have been made. The warmth of peridot forgives the past and moves you forward. Out with the negative and in with the positive…
You know my feelings on being happy; you are only responsible for your own happiness and not anyone else’s, and to me, this stone is like waking up on a gorgeous sunny morning with your whole life ahead and the need to just make the most of the day…how can you live without it so get a little bit on your person a.s.a.p.??
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