Panic/anxiety attacks

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I knew this had to be covered because of a run on panic attacks in the shop. I have never had as many requests re panic attacks as in the last few weeks, and I can only put it down to fear mode due to the current situation – even when the person having the panic attacks doesn’t realise the fear mode is around!! Help is at hand…

A simple remedy we turn to first is Lime flower tincture, which counteracts anything to do with anxiety or stress, and for a lot of people, this works fine. Taken daily, it calms nervous excitability and hysteria and just calms everything down. People use it long term and can be of great use without any side effects (even for kids and pets). It is also non-addictive so you can pick it up and put it down as you need it.

If this doesn’t do the trick, then we turn to Rhodiola. It comes in supplement form from Solgar and is adaptogenic, which means it enhances your body to cope with whatever is going on, reducing stress and anxiety-related symptoms. It boosts your mind to enhance memory and supports your immune system as well as being a valuable anti-oxidant and anti-depressant (it helps transport serotonin precursors into the brain to help lift moods so has the effect of a sunny day, not a grey one so to speak!!) Bonus too for the men as it helps their libido. Stress tends to take a toll on bedroom performance and this helps put it right again.

The oil we use for panic attacks is Ylang-ylang extra, just in case people want extra help with the supplements or may be on medication for the anxiety, and so rules out the herbal alternatives. This flower was spread on the bed of newlyweds to ensure a night of undying passion…so we use it for panic attacks! It supports the heart and panic attacks often make the heart race: a quick inhale of the aroma from a tissue or palm of your hand and the heart will calm and stop racing. It clears the heart of tension and calms the mind…all is well again!! Agitation ceases and calm and relaxation infuses the body for sleep (or not as the case may be…it is also aphrodisiac…are we sensing a trend here?). It brings that South sea paradise to you: take a calming relaxing bath with this added to the water and it will bring together your emotions and senses, uplift and relax you and bring paradise to you (because none of us can afford to go looking for it this year…but with Ylang-ylang, who cares!!)

The crystal I would use for this is called Faden quartz. This is quartz that has come under stress itself and been fractured, then repaired itself again. They all contain a line where the quartz fixed itself and are strange, squashed, twisted shapes. This crystal can be programmed to heal anything and increase your capacity to heal yourself (the body is amazing you know). Carry one of these and programme it to help with panic attacks and heal your life. Keep it with you in your pocket at all times. Prices from £5 – £25, and can be used for all healing situations, not just anxiety – simply cleanse thoroughly and programme to your health need.

If you do suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, maybe it is time to re-evaluate your life (even baby steps) and bring pleasure and indulgence back into it. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, like taking time to have a candlelit bath and let the chores wait until tomorrow – time is precious, but so are you!! 20 minutes in an aromatic bath with a glass of wine and a book is worth far more than getting the dishes away…go on, you are so worth it!!

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