Obsidian is basically volcanic glass and definitely a stone for the men. So, girls, if you need your man to lighten up a bit and smile a little bit more, then give him a piece of this. It awakens something deep inside. It dissolves shock and trauma, even helping people through the death of a loved one – use apache tear, it looks black but hold it up to the light and it is transparent, showing you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and you will get through it. As with all black stones, it is protective against psychic attack, is used for grounding, fights negativity and lifts that gloom and doom feeling that hits us all from time to time.

Obsidian…mahogany and snowflake…
Mahogany obsidian is gentler than the black obsidian, but more earthy perhaps, but still with that ‘fire’ and seemed to pick me up when I was at my most lacking, give me a sense of purpose to get on with things that I couldn’t be bothered to do…after all, it has been used by tribes for centuries to drive out demons and bad spirits. This fire glass helps you lose those limitations by cleaning out the junk around you to release you to get on, free of anger, resentment or whatever is holding you back but knowing you are protected, but what about snowflake?
When the snow falls, you don’t see the problems it is going to cause getting to work etc, but its beauty and the fun it can bring about when it settles. Snowflake obsidian is much the same vibration…taking the best of a situation and helping you turn it into something better rather than being down-and-out & negative over a bad situation. It points to and helps you follow those little signs that come when you go with the flow to help carry on. Persevere, synchronise with the symbolism about you and find that strength to make the changes.

Obsidian Rainbow;
It is amazing that something as destructive as a volcanic eruption can bring forth such a beautiful stone!! It may look black but turn it to the light and a glimmer of colour, whether green or pink, shines through the darkness. The really good ones will show concentric circles of different colours. Obsidian is for protection but also for hope – the beautiful rainbow colours colour coming forth from the black shows that things are never as dark as they seem and can be of great assistance in those dark times we all experience from time to time. The stone encourages you to enjoy life – something we all need to be reminded of occasionally. Not commonly available
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