Natural Insect repellents and remedies

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

The time is coming when those nasty beasties start to invade our lives so, after a couple of enquiries, I decided to give you a few tips in the hope that the weather gets much better.

Keep those basil plants from the supermarkets on your windowsill to help keep insects and flies out of your room/kitchen, as will herbs drying in front of the window.

If you are into garlic, then hang a string of bulbs up like the French (did you think it was just for looks!).

Burning Cedarwood oil in your kitchen vaporizer is another good idea as houseflies and mosquitoes hate it – spray them with a weak dilution and they might even die!!

Troubled with ants coming into your home? Then find their suspected place of entry and surround with peppermint oil and no more ants.

Any beastie bites … then apply neat lavender oil (even for black widow spider bites whist you dash to the hospital!!) or Echinacea tincture to any to stop the reaction. If you have to raid the kitchen cupboard, then simply apply some crushed garlic or cut an onion in half and apply to any type of bite or sting.

Keep wasps away in late summer by filling a jam jar with water and adding some jam to it to attract them into drowning themselves (they are going to die at the end of season anyway and if they are buzzing around you, then they have completed this year’s tasks and are just bored!!). Place this in the area away from you and your food.

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