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By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

‘Move more, chew more, drink more’ and lose your winter coat

Move more…once the Spring arrives, it is easier to take longer walks in the sunshine and on lighter evenings to up movement. Only my generation and our children have become used to vehicles, lifts, stairs etc. As kids, we had no option but to bike or walk to and from school, shops, friend’s houses etc, so I now park further away from the shops and walk, I walk to and from work, and I make a concerted effort to up my daily steps and exercise to get my body working as it was meant to do. Our body has been millenia in the making and stationary all day on a chair, sofa or in a car it was not meant to be…so think about how you can just move more.

Chew more…in our 21stcentury living, we eat fast food on the move or in front of the tv and actually don’t notice what is being consumed half the time. Nor do we give our stomach and brain time to catch up. Try taking a mouthful, putting downing your knife and fork/sandwich etc and mindfully chew your food…about 28-30 times, then take the next mouthful…you will then let your body and mind catch up and tell you when you have had enough. It is also better for your digestive system too as the food is easier to process. Another tip… use smaller plates! I have cutlery and pans from when I was 20…they are much smaller than what is ‘normal’ today. If they don’t fit in the dishwasher or cupboard, they are too big! Big plate, big portion, big potential…to overeat!

Drink more…most of today’s kids drink plenty indeed…but of the fizzy stuff! In my day, pop (fizzy juice) was for high days and holidays, not every day and certainly not all day every day…and don’t get me started on diet stuff! The body can utilise water and herbal teas immediately, without ‘processing’, whilst everything else you drink has to be processed through the system. Everything in moderation is the key here, because a little bit of what you fancy does you good. 4 cups tea or ground coffee a day are good for you, 20 cups are not. The body is made up mostly of water, so needs to replenish or you become dehydrated. Drink sips water throughout the day between your cup coffee or glass of fine wine and you will prevent your body from having to crave food just to rehydrate itself. Get a nice water bottle and carry fresh water with you (save on the plastic at the same time)!

Hopefully, my body will shed its winter coats with ease, as it does every year, by following my usual plan. All you have to do is support your body to do what it needs to do, give it fresh natural food and plenty of hydration with exercise & it won’t fail you…and in return, you’ll look and feel much healthier too…!!

Watch your tongue!!

When I was young, the doctor would always ask you to put out your tongue as part of his analysis of treatment. Why? Well, you would be amazed at what the tongue can tell you about your health on a daily basis. Once you get used to checking out your tongue, any problem coming can be easily spotted.

When you look at your tongue in the mirror, it should be salmon pink, smooth, no cracks with a thin white moist coating. If there are teeth marks along the side of the tongue, your tongue is probably swollen which suggests a need to upgrade your diet as it shows signs of poor nutrition, lack of water and an overworked liver.

If there is a thick white coating on your tongue, you may have a viral illness going on, and if the white coating is at the back of the tongue, then you need beneficial bacteria to aid your digestive system – start on acidophillus.

A brown coating suggests excess smoking and constipation so cut down if not stop smoking and eat more fibre.

Now for colour: a pale tongue points to deficiency in the body including vitamins and minerals, a red tongue is an angry system, a red tipped tongue a stressed system and a purple tongue indicates a poor circulatory system.

So, make friends with your tongue and any alteration to its normal state gives you an immediate sign that something is not right and you can quickly bring your system back to health.

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