Natural Beauty tips for the girls

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

A tip for blondes in the sun…

If you are going on holiday and want your hair to become sun-kissed very quickly (we only had 7 days), squeeze pure lemon juice on your hair, and then sit out in the sun. I simply leave in an hour or so, then wash it out. Ok, so it isn’t that glamorous sitting there, but it works beautifully…your hair not only lightens daily but becomes beautifully conditioned too…and all for the price of a lemon!!!

Natural henna for the hair

Avoiding chemicals as much as possible is a must these days if our bodies are to remain healthy, and not overload our liver which has 300 tasks to perform in our bodies as it is.

Natural henna can be used to highlight hair as opposed to the chemicals and bleaches used today.  I have never been one for changing my hair colour as I think it is part of who we are but I do try to remain as light in my blondeness as it used to be so have always highlighted my hair over the winter. The summer is not a problem as the sunshine does that for me, some years more than others!! This is where henna powder comes in. You apply the powder as a paste mixed with water and leave it on the hair where it goes to work highlighting your natural colour and bringing the different shades out at their best. You can also use the powder for henna painting on the body too if you are artistically minded, continuing an age-old tradition of decorating the skin.

Available in Red, blonde and black. However, you can only use it if your hair does not contain any false colouring.

Make your own natural products for a silky smooth body:

Salt scrub; put a cup of fine-grained sea salt in a small bowl and make a well in the middle. Add half a cup of extra virgin oil such as sunflower or apricot kernel and stir in, adding more if needed, until you have a smooth paste. Add a little orange & lavender essential oil (10-20 drops) for aromatic pleasure and skin repair. When in the bath and have soaked to soften your skin, scrub your body to remove the dead cells whilst apply a layer of natural moisture to the skin in one simple session. Rinse off, get out of the bath and simply drip/pat dry.

Simple Body moisturiser;in a food processor, add 100g Shea butter and 100ml carrier oil (such as apricot kernel, almond or sunflower oil). Blend until smooth and creamy and add more oil until the consistency suits you. Now add 50 drops of your favourite oil such as frankincense, geranium or juniper berry ands blend again. Once it is ready, transfer to a nice jar and keep in a cool place. Use daily after the shower for a silky soft summer skin! Voila!

Summer Berry fun…

Strawberries and similar berries will be plentiful in summer and should you find yourself left with mushy ones, here is a couple of beauty tips to try with the girls or at mother/daughter time…
Strawberry face mask:
Take 2 heaped tbsps or 1 small pot organic natural yoghurt and 5 strawberries (organic or local). Mash with a fork in a bowl, or blend together and apply to clean dry face. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off…gorgeous!
Berry tinted lip Gloss:
Take 50ml vegetable Glycerine and 15g brambles or elderberries (picked wild)
Squash the berries and add to a glass jar. Cover with glycerine. Shake the jar and leave to infuse. Shake daily and watch the colour develop. Once purpley colour, strain through a paper coffee filter in a funnel, then decant the liquid into a suitable bottle. Apply to lips often as needed.
Different vegetables and fruit make different colours – beetroot (red), carrots (orange) – play around with the girls or the kids and make small amount of different colours…what fun!!

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