My favourite crystals for magickal balance – Labradorite, Kyanite, Kunzite and Amethyst

When challenged, I always turn to fabulous Labradorite first. This is the stone of balance itself, with work, rest and play in equal proportions, so if you are out of balance, this will help give you energy when tired, peace if your mind is overworking, new ideas if you are static or stagnant and faith and trust ion yourself if you are in doubt.

Kyanite is another crystal you will see me often wear. It helps balance all energy centres and retains no negativity when doing so, so is always working and never needs cleansing. It calms stress, dispels anger, rids confusion, and helps you find that peace for inner thoughts and calm. When I want to scream at all the disruption that’s not of my doing around me, you will see me wear Kyanite, both on my throat and in ears to calm me right down.

If I am overwhelmed with life and so out of balance I can’t cope, then Kunzite comes out. Kunzite gives you this feeling of a carefree existence. No longer overwhelmed, it enables me to get on with each thing one by one with joy and not worry about the rest. I just love the pink stuff when I am up against it.

My last favourite for when I am out of kilter is Amethyst. I love my amethyst cabochon pendant and earrings when the mundane stuff is not working in sync with me!! A strong healer and cleanser, it is naturally tranquilising and instantly fills me with calm. I can play with its smooth surface and love the vivid shade…my go-to when my memory is failing (more and more these days) and I really cannot be bothered! It seems to rebalance my lows and regain motivation for life and living again. What are your go-to crystals? Time to look them out and get them on…
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