Morganite – pink Beryl

Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl, the same family as Emerald (green) and Aquamarine (blue). This pale pink crystal is the stone of Universal love, calm and compassion. We are all different in so many ways, but that diversity is what makes us human. We are not all the same, and the world would be boring if we were! It is those differences that makes us interesting and individual, and we should not be judged purely bon those differences.
There is no judgement with Morganite…it just opens you to love and be loved. I feel calm and soothed by this crystal and have been unable to take it off. It helps me draw strength from the Universe in these uncertain times, keeping me positive, loving and determined in my world. For those with the need to be needed or who need to help others to feel useful, this is the stone for you. If you have had a traumatic life or one that is full of painful memories, this stone gives you the strength to let that pain go and begin to truly heal. It even helps you feel good about things you don’t like about yourself… that wobbly belly and stretch marks are not ugly, but beautiful because of the life you carried inside of you that made your belly that way or those wrinkles are from joy and laughter you have had in your life, not just age…get the idea? It is truly a special and beautiful stone to hopefully help let you live a more relaxed positive life, in love with life and simply living and embracing it, at one with the world and its people around you. Embrace the love, feel the love, see the love…it truly is a wonderful world!
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