Moldavite is the result of a meteor that fell over 15million years ago in Czechoslovakia. It is a beautiful green colour and you will not be attracted to this stone or get any feeling or reaction from it until you are ready and advanced enough to receive the information and direction it will give you. It is quite expensive because of its rarity nowadays. Moldavite enhances spiritual development and broadens awareness of the spiritual realms, and is indeed regarded as “a gift from the skies” – it is even rumoured to be in some way involved with the Holy Grail. It strengthens and aids your trust in that inner knowing. Moldavite needs no cleansing, though placing it out in the sunshine will enhance it. Never place Moldavite in salt, as it is soft in its very make-up and will be severely affected. Physically, Moldavite will cleanse the chakras and open all blockages, though its reaction will vary from person to person. When I first put the ring on, I suffered a 2-day migraine attack that was horrendous, but the Moldavite was obviously clearing the brow and crown chakras and I now regard it as my link to the spiritual realms, my way forward now much clearer. It shows us our role in life when we are ready to accept what our role is.
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