Mirror Magick on the move

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

The Mystery of Mirror Magick…

On Halloween, an old custom is to walk backwards into a room whilst eating an apple and looking into a hand mirror in complete darkness, except for the light of one candle, and the face of your future partner should appear in the mirror … so it is said, on this night, for one night only!!

But what else can you do with a magickal mirror? I have just got a range of handbag compacts into the shop, adorned with magickal mystical pictures like wolves, unicorns and cats, purely with thoughts of magick in mind!

Mirrors are tools of reflection, sending negative energy back to source but round mirrors also represent the Moon and lunar magick– after all, the Moon is dark unless lit by light reflected from the Sun.

My first magickal image as a little girl was watching Snow White’s stepmother speak to her mirror. Snow White was the first film I ever saw in colour and on a big screen!! Magickal mirrors allow us to view what we otherwise could not see for ourselves, just like Step-mama did, whether here or another dimension. I just think it would be fab to be able to check your make-up and bring joy or a job at the same time, don’t you think??

So what to do with your cool compact…

Open the compact and fill with either white sage leaves or mugwort herb. Close the compact and leave it on your altar/sacred space overnight to cleanse. The next day, bury the herbs in the ground. Hold the compact in your hands, and programme the mirror for the Universal good of all. You can begin mirror magick but if you want extra oomph you can do the following extra when the time is right:

The compacts have 2 sides. Go outside on a sunny day. Open the compact face down and cover the magifying side with your fingers. Hold the normal mirror towards the Sun for max 9 seconds. Close the compact. On a full moon, cover the Sun side over with your fingers and take the magifying side out in the light of the Moon and hold upto the Moon for 9 seconds. Snap it closed. Your mirror is magickally and universally charged…literally.  Do NOT allow anyone else to look into it. It is yours…but sometimes these things happen and if they do, you must carry out the above charging again…so hide it well and keep it safe…

Now here are a few suggestions of what to do with your portable portal of magick:

  1. If you are having any issues with strange goings-on in the home, go to the problem area on a sunny day and open the compact. Tilt it and capture the problem area in the double mirror, slowly and when you have gone over the whole area/room, snap the compact shut to capture the entity within. Now take the compact outside and open the mirror towards the sun so its bright light will immediately hit the mirrors. Expose the mirrors for 9 seconds max and shut. The sun’s light will have destroyed any negative energy. Return inside and smudge the area, the mirror and your auric field with sage/clearing incense to purify
  2. If there is something you need, take out your magickal mirror and look into the correct side – sun side (normal mirror) in physical need such as money, job, house or moon side (magnified side) if love, peace, harmony or such. Hold until you can see your face within the mirror. Now, with a lip or eye liner pencil, draw a representational symbol onto the mirror within the reflection of your image (pentagram for protection, pound sign for money etc); let the symbol wash over you and into you. Keep repeating this over the next 24 hours, knowingthe result is soon to be with you. Remove the symbol with a soapy cloth but don’t let the mirror catch your reflection when doing so or you are now removing it from your life…
  3. Feel like things are not quite right and maybe something bad has been sent to work against you? Here is a quick check and you do have to be fast! Take the magnifying mirror to water, whether the sea, river or even a sink of water. Dip the mirror into the water, remove and quickly look at your reflection. If all is well, all is well, but if that very first image you see is distorted, then something bad is working against you. Cleanse yourself immediately in a bath with juniper berry oil, smudge your home and wear protective jewellery at all times until things return to normal. Use the mirror to check progress daily until the bad stuff has dispersed.

Now use your imagination and see what else you can magickally do with your canny compact…Ooooo!!

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