By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Feverfew:    10 drops daily plus every half hour during attacks.

For severe cases, 30 drops daily or twice daily, for 1 month, then try reducing over next 3 months. Once completely clear, 5-10 drops daily.

Nausea:   If nausea a problem during an attack, try mix of peppermint, meadowsweet and chamomile tinctures every hour during attack.

Trigger:    Try to locate trigger. If possible, do a month’s de-tox, to see if you stay clear of attacks, then re-introduce foods and watch to see what causes the migraines. Be very aware of coffee, chocolate and fried foods and cut them all out if possible. Alcohol can aggravate, if taken in excess – keep a note to see if a night out brings on a migraine within the next 48 hrs. (Alcohol excess can also affect the efficiency of feverfew; hence also can trigger an attack).

Vitamins.     Vitamin B Complex – 50 – 250mg daily.

B3 (Niacin) 50-100 mg daily: at onset of headache, take a tablet and lie down for 15 minutes. If headache has not started to subside, take another.


Take 200mg Niacin and 800mg Niacin amide daily – see which of the 2 methods works best for you.

Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid daily

2 x garlic perle daily.

Calcium/magnesium supplement – 2000 mg calcium to 1000mg Magnesium daily.

Other stuff: Take local honey daily at mealtimes. At onset of attack, take 1 tbsp, and hourly after that.

Put equal cider vinegar and water in a small basin and bring to boil on the stove. Simmer, lean over basin until fumes are strong to the nose, and breathe in 75 breathes. Attack should start to subside.

At start of attack, get hot footbath and add 2 tbsp yellow mustard powder. Steep feet and keep hot, whilst placing cold lavender or peppermint oil compress (or simply cold if nauseous) to back of neck and/or forehead.

Sip peppermint tea to relieve nausea. Try taking chamomile, meadowsweet or peppermint tincture during attack if feverfew cannot be taken.


Take tincture of gingko or ginseng daily to help prevent migraines and relieve high blood pressure.

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