Midsummer 2021

By: GreenWitch
Posted: 16th June 2021

Midsummer Newsletter 21 June 2021

We should be thankful that the opening up of our world has been happening as the days grow longer and here we are now at the longest day hoping that some form of normality will be forthcoming at some point through the summer. The weather for lockdown last summer was amazing but, as I emerged from the flood at the beginning of March, I was not happy that it came in like a lamb as there was only one way out, and it sure did last some… but at last, we have finally seen the sunshine return in June which I’m expecting to be dry, as March was dry…we’ll see!

The longer days have seen the shop opening for all on 3 days per week, and has been very busy, though Mercury retrograde has forced me not to react to criticism or rotten reviews… hey-ho, you can’t please all of the people all of the time and there will be clashes of personality and expectation of what my shop should be! All that said, it has been, on the most part, good to be back and most like the shop’s new look, even though it seems some would have preferred me to have stayed away, and no, I won’t move & go live elsewhere!!!! More on the shop later…

So, we find ourselves at the time of the year where the nights don’t get dark in Scotland – as the light is going down at one side of the night sky, the dawn is waking at the other meaning those birds hardly get to their nest before they are back out singing again! The best of the weather is yet to come but the light is at its highest point making everything seem much more optimistic. The whole of Scotland is filled with leaves and greenery, blossom and aromas, and is just an amazing place to live. We are so lucky…as long as you get used to layers so we can adapt to our weather as the day progresses (up to 4 weathers in one day sometimes…and if it’s not great, just wait and it will change in an hour or two…lol!)

This is a fire festival so a bonfire is a great way to celebrate. It used to be surrounded in mystery and magic, and houehold fires not let go out, as lighting them again was very difficult – no matches and firelighters back then!! It was only at beginnings and endings that the fire was extinguished and relit from the village fire. The Midsummer fire was lit by friction of two pieces Oak. The most magickal was fire lit by lightning strike…nature itself providing the flame but could also be done via a lens from the rays of the Sun. Every village would have lit a Midsummer fire. A lit log from the fire would be passed over animals to protect them from disease and people would jump the fire for luck. Each town or island would have had its own traditions and these were continued through the years. Maybe they lit their fire in a certain ritualistic way or made it from certain wood. Maybe they danced round the fire or lit torches and carried the flame through the town. Why not make your own fire traditions and keep them going? I like to gather my family together if possible but this is dependent on the day it falls on as we all work, but then Midsummer eve is good too!! Fire cooks food…so does a bbq so if you don’t have a fire pit like me, invite friends or family and have a bbq to which you all contribute…a fabulous Midsummer feast cooked by flame…perfect!!

Crystals ahoy…

Crystals and jewellery are a major part of my business and the bit I love to do myself as I love the stones, picking them all by hand, working, playing and displaying them, and we have been very busy with loads of new stock. Lockdown and Brexit are playing havoc with stock buying for the suppliers so I have been buying on mass to ensure a good stock as shortages may follow. It also gives the suppliers a chance to get out stock forgotten, and with no clue as to the next shows for trading crystals, thought better to buy now…Brexit will only increase prices of new stock to get it into the country!! I have had lots fun with box upon box of new stones. Once priced and stockroom sorted, I will begin photographing for the website and FB page (if people play nicely) but with crystals so much in demand, it has been amazing to see so many finding homes…I do love it when a plan comes together!!

The Beauty of Clusters…

Some of the fabulous stock I have taken is also some of the most interesting and most beautiful and three of the cluster varieties I have just purchased are Tangerine Quartz, Aqua Aura & Celestite.

Tangerine Quartz is natural and looks like the quartz has gone rusty, caused by the iron of hematite, and is energy and play in a point! It creates a hunger for knowledge, so a good stone on your desk for study. The vibration is bursting with creativity and playfulness so carry a point in your pocket if you want to be more adventurous …very helpful in a world just opening up as it will help you feel passionate towards living and life once more! No more inner turmoil – cast off those self-limiting chains, embrace the change, be inspired and feel the optimism of Tangerine quartz by carrying a opoint or placing a cluster in your home – it’s that hematite that does it you know!!

Aqua Aura is an enhanced quartz as does happen in nature but very rarely. It is natural quartz whose energy is exposed to vaporized particles of metal which creates a permanent layer of atoms on the quartz. Aqua aura is quartz with gold which then creates this beautiful blue pearlized rainbow aura, hence its name. It brings calm to stressful situations and just oozes peace & happiness. Place in the home to be rid of external forces or negative energy – the more problems invading your home, the more active it will be at transmuting them. Wear a pretty pendant and no more energy drains or vampires here!! Place in the centre of your home for a calm environment …looks pretty with a crystal ball on top too to spread that calmness throughout the home…what’s not to like!!

Celestite is a beautiful, sparkly blue-grey cluster of 4-sided crystals and has, in the past, mainly been used in an industrial capacity for such things as making fireworks (burns bright red when it flares – who knew!) It is also used in the manufacture of paint and glass too, yet is so beautiful with its pearly kind of lustre. Around the home, it calms the energy of the room bringing peace and harmony to the vibration and helps where there is anxiety and stress…again, useful for today! It helps us communicate how we feel, whether for mental health when we feel fractured or fretful, or will help you communicate what you need to say, whether through art, dance, or writing.

Let this blue cluster radiate its energy round your home and bring sparkle to your life like a crystal disco ball!!

Those pesky Vampires…

The first time I came across a psychic vampire was in my shop. I was chatting to a regular over the counter, when suddenly felt like my insides were being sucked dry. Fortunately, I have a metal counter and was able to lean down on it to stop play!! However, it proved there were such people around, even if they don’t know themselves they are doing it. We refer to them as vampires but it’s not your blood they are after…it’s your energy, your very ‘light’. When life feels good and full of hope and you are full of the joys of Spring with not a problem in the world…that is when they are likely to strike, because your light is shining and your defences down. It can be anyone: your family, friend, neighbour, co-worker …anyone! A psychic vampire is full of fear, full of jealousy, has a ‘victim’ attitude, are full of negativity & low in self-esteem, and they ‘prey’ upon your light and want what you’ve got. If someone feels powerless, they look for someone bright and shiny to lift their energy to make themselves feel better!!

I mentioned Aqua Aura above, but Black tourmaline is another crystal to defend against such people. If you become aware of your energy being drained when you are around certain people, then make sure you are wearing or carrying either or both stones and let them work to keep your defences up and keep the pesky vampires out!!

Harnessing the Sun’s energy with Hanging Crystals…

When I feel the need to lift the energy of my home and cheer the vibrations, I clean my hanging crystals to make them sparkly again. These are round crystals made from triangles and you hang them in a sunny window to make the sun’s light dance in your home. My kids loved them when they were wee, as the light splits, causing rainbows, and knocking the crystals made them dance around the room. This fills your home with happy vibrations and keeps kids amused (making mine dance for the next generation now too). You can also get them in different colours to add the colour vibration too (pink for love, yellow for creativity etc) and hang them in rooms to keep Chi moving and energy flowing. Some are available with actual crystals on the hangers for even more benefits…simples!

The new shop staff and openings…

We have returned with faces new and old. Obviously, the old bat is back (me), but poor Janey is also hanging on in there. She joined me shortly before the pandemic outbreak and lockdown, worked 3 weeks trying to learn the ropes to massive queues, before lockdown and shutdown, apart from playing Magickal Amazon…returned to begin again mid-July and less than 4 weeks in…the almighty flood!! The next 6 months was more cleaning, packing, sifting, shifting, unpacking & furlough than dealing with customers, but has returned and become one half of the madness now known affectionately by the customers as the Twins or newly-named Tequila Twins…as weekend mainstay on and off for over 15 years, returns to her happy place once more. Yes folks, Emma is back…again!

To help me on the Free-for-all days under the new Covid restrictions of cleaning, smudging, spraying, and head-counting, the dancing duet will be running the shop and covering me for my much-needed breaks too – apparently, I’m not 40 anymore!! On the whole, I will be in with them Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays when chaos will ensue and every music track becomes a dancing display or karaoke rendition between customers (or not!). Currently, we are open from about 11 (after cleansing) till 4.30ish but may extend as we get busier and back in the swing!

Wednesdays are for pre-arranged appointments only, but are also supplier days, & if I have no pre-bookings by Tue close of business, I will stay closed Wednesday to get other work done like newsletters, Vat, orders & website.

Thursday will also be pre-arranged appointments, but I will be in most of the day, as it has always been my candle making and crystal sorting day, so will be allowing the odd passer-by in if nobody is in or due in and someone comes to the door looking to buy something they need…or want!!

Sunday (my rest day) & Monday (my Mixing day) we are closed as we were pre-Covid.

That fills you in on our progress & how it is all working so far! All changes, closures and updates will be reported on our FB & website pages, so always worth checking in every so often to keep up-to-date in this ever-changing world!

Moon times…

Full Moon:        Thu 24 Jun @ 19.40 hrs          New Moon:       Sat 10 July @ 02.17 hrs

Full Moon:        Sat 24 July @ 03.37 hrs

Wishing you Midsummer blessings  and a little fun and frolic…life is too short not to enjoy life to the full

From Chris (alias the Green Witch)

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