Midsummer 2019

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 19th June 2019

‘Midsummer’ – Nature has a great sense of humour!! We have seen a lot rain lately in Scotland, but not as bad as some in England, and our holiday in Ireland got rained off after just 9 days!! Last time we had a June so miserable I think was 2012…we had been on a road trip in the US for hubby’s 50thwhich was so hot, then after our return, the weather was so damp and cold!! The winter this year seemed to finish early, with February being dry and sunny, but I knew winter would return! Then Easter weekend was fab, so I put all my winter stuff away, and then came a hot, sunny bit in May, but since then, the coats are back out and my new summer shoes haven’t met my feet yet. Even my coal fire in the shop is back on after a couple weeks not being used!! June is often quite wet, so we are having our normal weather up here, with seasonal rain cleansing the Earth and watering crops to aid growth after a few dry months, at this important time in the farmer’s calendar. Nature appears to be catching herself up, giving us rain she forgot to drop earlier, all at once…but we so need the summer to appear. I get seasonal colds, but seems to be monthly as my poor body doesn’t know which season it is actually in! Stormy weather is often the norm too, as the God of Thunder makes his presence known, all leading to the longest day. In Scotland, we hardly get dark now, going to bed whilst still daylight. Hopefully, summer will begin soon and bring the sunshine and we can begin to enjoy heat once again to our bones!

The only thing important at this time that you need to do is to harvest your St John’s Wort from the garden and hang up …preferably before noon, but definitely making sure any morning dew has dried before cutting, then bless over your Midsummer flame, whether candle or bonfire, and hang over your front door to attract a year of joy and sunshine. Take down and recycle the previous bunch. However, the question is definitely will it actually be ready? I somehow doubt it… a little delay perhaps before the sunny, yellow flowers appear! If there is such a delay, just leave the old bunch up till it is ready and replace it later… it has never been an issue for me in the past… as long as St John’s wort is hanging over the door, all is well and happy!

Insect repellents

The time is coming when the beasties start to appear and as it is so damp, I am expecting an invasion…and so must the ladybirds be too, as I have seen an unusual abundance of them flying about, so, a few tips to deter them…

Buy a couple basil plants from the supermarkets and keep on your windowsills to help keep insects and flies out of your room/kitchen, if you have the window open daily. Herbs hung drying in front of the window in the sun will have the same effect. If you use a lot of garlic, then hang a string of bulbs up, like the French do, to keep the blighters away. Burning Cedarwood oil in your kitchen vaporizer is another good idea as houseflies, spiders and mosquitoes hate it - spray them with a weak dilution and they will hopefully depart from your premises!! 

If you are troubled with ants coming into your home, find their suspected point of entry and surround with peppermint oil and no more ants…they won’t cross it. Any beastie bites … apply neat lavender oil or Echinacea tincture to them to stop the reaction. If you need home help, then simply apply crushed garlic or cut an onion in half and apply to any type of bite or sting as an emergency kitchen remedy.

Having a BBQ or meal outside – then for those in Scotland, apply after-sun with added lavender spike to keep the midges at bay. Also burn citrus oil in melted tea-lights to keep them away from your picnic too. Keep wasps away in late summer by filling a jam jar with water and adding some jam to it to attract them into drowning themselves (they are going to die at the end of season anyway and if they are buzzing around you, then they have completed this year’s tasks and are just bored!!)

If you take allergic reactions to stings, consider taking 1000mg Vitamin C x2 daily all through the summer, and carry the tablets with you to take some immediately on contact, as Vitamin C is natural anti-histamine and will help calm your reaction before it begins, as you already have the ‘anti’ in your body ready to go into action against any invader. Apply my ‘B-Gone’ or neat lavender to the bites too. Chamomile tea is also helpful…make a warm tea and use for children as a skin wash for bites, followed by a few drops neat lavender oil. Hope this helps

My obsession with water

My latest holiday was a motor-home trip was to the very green Emerald Isle, shortened by the rain! Our holiday confirmed why Ireland was indeed green. Like Scotland, it is lush and green due to the constant fall of moisture. On the road-trip in the US, I became obsessed with having enough water with me due to the heat…and the size of the country. We carried it everywhere, buying it whatever the cost at every stop, and its necessity grew, and was much more important than food, especially when travelling long distances in the car. It also turns out that water is also rather important in a motor-home and again, I just seem to obsess about it. We travelled to the remoter parts of Ireland and did a few nights away from sites…and water for washing, cooking and drinking etc again became an issue… life can be simple if you just have enough water for your needs. Filling the kettle and water bottles for drinking and the tank for washing etc became my obsession on a daily basis. For motor-homers etc, what was interesting was that garages in Ireland (not N.I.), as well as filling the tank up with cheaper government-sponsored Diesel, had motor-home areas where you could empty the tanks, fill up with water, wash the van and even 3 sizes washers and tumble dryers (6, 12 & 18kg) so you could launder your clothes, bedding & towels…whilst you had lunch in the cafe and did the shopping in their supermarket…brilliant!! 

A sea spell on the Causeway…

Our trip to Ireland filled me with excitement as their standing stones are amazing and I wanted to see the Giant’s Causeway, which goes all the way to Scotland under the sea and reappears at Staffa. Magick is easily done, without anyone else knowing, when you are by the sea. When I finally got to the Giant’s causeway, I walked as far along it towards the sea as I could, and with the power of that sea crashing around all sides of the causeway, and everyone else actually staying back for the duration…I did the following spell:

With a stone that I had picked up earlier left by the sea in my pocket I sat on the rocks. Holding the stone in my power hand, I visualised my need, put all my power into the stone and saw my wish coming to fruition. Sitting on this mighty set of basalt rocks by the sea, where Earth and Water meet, I knew it was a very magickal place indeed and an opportunity that simply could not be missed. Concentrating on the wish and the sound of the power of the waves, I simply said “By the power of the mighty sea, please bring my wish to me” then threw the stone to the waves crashing the rocks at the side of me and finished with a simple “so mote it be”. A mighty wave then nearly hit me on the rocks and I knew…it was done!! Simple but effective magick is my favourite, so, if you find yourself at the rocks or cliffs (not beach), where earth meets sea, don’t waste the opportunity! I never ever do…

Beach-combing…and a beachy tea light

Most people will find themselves at the seaside at some point over the summer as it is traditional to head for the water for summer fun and frolic. I love walking along a beach, and an overnight stop off near a small village with the sea in front of us was far too tempting to me. So, whilst he was fixed on something to do with technology, I went for a walk to the beach. The seashore is that magickal place between land and sea, but this was a surprise even to me, as the beach was made up of small quartz pieces. I found it a place to sit and recharge my batteries whilst selecting special tiny quartz. A simple walk along the shore for even 10 minutes helps me chill but this beach kept me mesmerized for several hours. I always walk looking down for shells, pebbles and holey stones to take away home but I found these beautiful stones to make my magickal holder for tea-lights. I added the tiny white quartz to the bottom of a couple small jars, a couple pretty little shells too and added a tea-light on top, bringing the power of the sea to my motor-home! If I add essential oil to the tea lights when burning, the little holder will bring protective, elemental magick to dining on our travels.  When you live by the sea, it is natural to reflect that around the home with goodies found washed up by the tide. Start your collection this summer if you don’t have one and make these magickal lights for your outside dining. It is amazing what nature provides for you. Look for holey stones too – truly magickal stones provided by the sea to protect you and your home. Another remote beach, after a wild stormy night, presented 5 holey stones to us which I brought home with pride and placed one on the altar, 3 around my home and the baby one in the motor-home for protected magickal travelling!

The magick of Crystal jewellery…               

The rain came in Ireland, before my trip to Connemara, as I wanted a pendant to match earrings I have had for 20 years. Wherever I travel, I bring something back made in local stone… Peridot turtle earrings from the volcano of Hawaii, a peridot necklace and bracelet from Lanzarote, an Inukshuk in British Columbian Jade from Canada, bronze snake goddesses for my altar from Crete…get my drift, so I am always reminded of my magickal travels. 

I love my magickal jewellery and feel quite undressed if I go out without it and always take a collection with me when away. Jewellery was originally created for magickal purposes, invented to protect the wearer against various hazards, and was also put in graves to guard the dead. Rings were primarily a symbol of eternity, the circle of life, mainly used to marriage in the past, and to bind you with power (symbolic, magickal, ritual rings). The index finger was considered magickal, as was the ring finger (3rd) but the middle finger unlucky. Betrothal rings always went on the 3rdfinger as it contains a nerve that is directly linked to the heart. Necklaces and pendants are worn over or near the heart, so used to attract or strengthen love, and protect and help with emotions. Earrings are worn to balance the brain but hoops later became a sign of slavery (technically rings worn in the ears…). Maybe next time you put on a piece of jewellery, you’ll select with care and use for more than adornment to help improve your life!

Moon Times:

Full Moon:        Mon 17 June @ 09.31 hrs         New Moon:       Tue 2 July @ 20.24 hrs

Full Moon:        Tue 16 July @ 22.31 hrs          Mercury Retrograde from 7 July until 2 August…but playing already!

The newsletter is late, as Word locked me out of all my documents saying ‘no right to access’, and took days to solve, so be careful out there…we are already noticing that the miscommunication has already begun!!

Sunny Midsummer blessings from

Chris (alias the Green Witch)

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