Menopausal Issues…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020
You must all know someone who is going through the menopause or will be shortly.
Well, fortunately, you have me sorting out all the issues of menopause as I go along, but one of the symptoms has caught me by surprise as I didn’t know it existed…“The Itch”.
Apparently 1 in 3 women will get this, and I am one of them!! From nowhere, it begins, like an ant running up your leg or a spider landing on you…and it moves!! You scratch the itch on your leg and it will stop and your arm will start. Apparently, it is caused by your skin not receiving the support it needs. Nightmare…so here is what to do to give the skin you’re in the support it desperately needs at this time:
Stop using shower gels etc to wash. Use organic soap and only use to wash underarms, girly bits and feet and just wash the rest of your skin with warm water and let the natural oils do their job. Follow by moisturising with natural oil at least every other day to keep your skin soft and supple and help stop you “drying out” (I use Aphrodite aftersun or my Body Butter). Take Omega 3 & 6 (min 1000mg), Vitamin D (1000 IU), zinc (22mg) B-complex (50mg each B) and Vitamin C (1000mg) daily plus a good female/menopausal multi-vitamin & mineral
This routine worked for me so if this is a problem to any female members of your family, help is now at hand.
Now more general help during menopause – we are all different so it is try and see what helps:
Ginseng and sage help improve vitality and resist stress.
Drink fennel tea as it helps to regulate hormonal change and boost oestrogen levels.
Chaste Berry is adaptagenic and will help keep hormone levels balanced.
Liquorice helps support the adrenal glands, helping to ease the change and is an oestrogen herb.
Sage tincture or tea daily will help reduce the sweats and also maintain oestrogen levels to avoid vaginal dryness problems.
St John’s Wort will help depression and mood swings.
Motherwort or chamomile will calm whilst valerian will relieve nervousness and panic.
Garlic capsules and added to food will give the body a tonic and slow down the ageing process.
Add oils to bath or massage such as rose, Ylang Ylang, lavender, geranium, lavender & clary sage.
Burn bergamot and add to pillow to lift the spirits.
If any vaginal dryness occurs, use a vitamin E capsule, break open and apply internally.
Rose oil in the bath or massage will increase libido if sexual desire is an issue and will help you to feel comfortable with yourself.
Rosemary and ginger will spice things up.
Clary sage in the bath will sex up your libido. Add with geranium.
To support flushes, inhale peppermint to cool the body. Cool compresses of rose water, chamomile or lavender may give relief too.
Eat as natural a diet as is possible as convenience foods cause problems to the body and at this time in your life, you really don’t need it. Stay away from all foods containing Hydrogenated products as the body has a great problem with these. Keeping your blood sugars stable by not eating convenience foods will be of great help too.
Ensure diet contains vitamin E and selenium (whole grains, brewer’s yeast).
Together these help the body control flushes. Take 400 iu daily, increasing by 200 iu per week until you are taking 1200iu daily. Reduce once flushes cease.
Also include vitamin C and bioflavonoid, vitamin B complex, calcium, magnesium and evening primrose oil (omega 3). Make sure the calcium/magnesium balance is 2:1 (i.e. 800mg calcium to 400mg magnesium).
For mood swings and depression, try and cut down or avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol, and eat a good healthy diet.
Take plenty of exercise – the endorphins, aerobics etc, produce will give a sense of well-being, reduce stress and lift the spirits. It will also increase stamina, calm the mind and boost the circulation system as well as keeping up your bone strength.
Oats in the diet will increase libido, so get eating that porridge.

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