Making a wish box…

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

I think having a Wish box is an important step towards a happy life. Without dreams and wishes, nothing can materialise in your life and a Wish box helps attract the things you want. Here’s what to do:

Find a small wooden/pretty box

a citrine, chiastolite and lodestone

Frankincense resin & orange flowers

Paper and pen

Now here’s what you do:

On the equinox or new moon, fill the bottom of the box with dried Orange flowers and frankincense resin.

Sit quietly, thinking of all the things you would like to materialise in your life and be specific: (don’t just write “pay off debts” – put the amount of money and to pay what!!). Write down all those things you wish for you and yours to take all your lives forward over the next few months or years. Make two identical lists.

When dusk arrives, light a candle and fire/sun incense, and sit and think about what you have written (be careful what you ask for as it may happen and may not be what you want after all…).

When the list is finalised, put one folded list in the box on top of the herbal mix and sit the crystals on top, then close the box.

Take the other list to the candle, set it alight and let it burn in your cauldron, fire or a saucer.

Take your wish-box and pass it through the incense, saying out loud:
“By the power of Fire, please bring to me, these wishes and desires, so mote it be”. Put the box on your altar.

Light the same incense on your altar weekly until your wishes, hopes and dreams have materialised.

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