Making a Magickal Bonfire

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

A magickal bonfire… I love lighting an outdoor fire in my garden on a beautiful, calm evening, especially if there has been a lot of issues or I am just not feeling myself. Lighting a fire outdoors is very primal and reminds us not only of how far we have come as humans, but also that life is for living and to enjoy the simple pleasures. Sitting round a bonfire with a few friends and a bottle of wine, chatting and laughing away the hours watching the evening light turn into dusk, and watching for bats…it’s the simplest of pleasures that put life completely into perspective. Sometimes I just like to sit and watching the flames dance to clear my head, whilst clearing the garden of rubbish and old wood, knowing this is all I actually needed to sort stuff. Other times, I make it more formal and include herbs and notes to throw into the fire. This is a spell I have used in the past from Ellen Duggan…simple, strengthening and effective… You will need a handful of lavender buds, a few rose petals and a couple heads yarrow, and can be fresh or dried. I have done it in the past but this time, I feel it will look more like a scene from ‘The Craft’, as the girls join me!! Repeat the charm and throw the flowers into the fire at the end of its mentioned line… Lavender buds bring protection and love, Goddess hear me and answer from above  A cluster of Yarrow, the wise women’s herb, its all-purpose magick adds strength to my words  Petals of roses for passion and power, grant wisdom and love in this magickal hour For the good of all with harm to none, by fire at Lammas, this spell is all done A toast in the darkness with a magickal glass of wine and know the next season will be full of love and positivity.

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