Magickal stones of power

Ever wandered by the sea or a river and let your mind wander around all the stones on the beach or riverbank? Then, next time, use the time to look for an object of power – the witch’s holey stone. Holey stones cannot be bought. You cannot go out and purchase a crystal donut and expect that to work for you in the same way. You have to find one – a gift from the sea and a blessing from the Goddess indeed. They are pieces of stone that have had a hole worn all the way through naturally by sea and sand, and are very magickal indeed. My collection has pride of place on my altar awaiting their time to be used. If you visit the shop, you will see one hung above the door to protect my business. They would, in days gone by, be used to protect animals by hanging above stables and barns, be hung on the bow of boats to bring the sailors/fishermen back safely from the sea, be hung over beds to prevent nightmares, and be worn to protect from Fairie folk, the magick being that it enabled the wearer to see the enchanted folk and thus not be tricked by them. They we used to ensure a healthy pregnancy, to heal every ailment going, to bring luck to you, or solve your problems. A magickal stone indeed, what ever you decide to use it for. However, a holey stone is only effective if used by the person who found it, or if it is given to you by one who loves you. 

To use a holey stone for healing, first find the holey stone given by the sea. This must be kept purely for healing and never used for anything else. Run a bath and place a handful of sea salt and the holey stone into the bathwater. Then get in and close your eyes whilst lying in the water. Now, visualise your health problem, see it being released from your body and absorbed into the water and into the stone. Continue with this magic as long as the ailment lasts and ensure the stone is kept in a safe place. Magickal indeed!!
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