Magickal Housekeeping the Green Witch Way

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020
We all know how to keep house, or should do, but there is also a magickal element you can use to attract the good things in life to you and yours. As I revamp my home, I am going over these areas again and want to share my experience with you so you can help your house help you balance your life.
First, a note about what I call ‘Magick Mittens’ –
I use my ‘magick mittens’ to empower items. It is quick and easy to do and here is some help;
Simply cup your hands together around the item to be empowered. Close your eyes and visualise a sparkly rainbow flowing from the top of your head, down to your heart, along your arms and into your hands, flowing finally out though the item within your ‘mittens’. You will need this at some point!!
The Magickal Grid – you will need this too…
Draw a rough plan of your house (ground floor) on a sheet of paper and divide each side equally into 3. If it is an odd shape, make it into a square or oblong by adding extra areas to it. Draw the lines to divide it into 9 equal areas, like a nought & crosses board. Mark your entrance area on the plan and turn always the plan so that the main entrance door is closest to you. You are ready to go…
First…to love and marriage, the first of the four corners…
Your love area is the back right hand corner of the plan. This is the area to work on to attract people to you.
Collecting sea glass…
Don’t ask me why, but every time I go for a walk along a beach, I pick up stones and sea glass and put them in a large glass bowl when I get home. This appears to be an emotional act; both crystals and glass are magickally tumbled by the sea, the ruler of emotions. I have now moved my bowl, as the collection can be placed in your love corner and added to, to help love grow. Magick Mittens your bowl and, when adding to it, say:
Stone of the Sea, please bring to me, Romance, passion and harmony
May the deepest of love be reflected by he/she, this is my will, so mote it be
You could even use this bowl hold to a pink candle in the centre and enhance your rose bowl of love!! My what?
A Rose Bowl for Love…
We are going to attend to our love and marriage corner with our “Rose Bowl of Love”…
You will need:
Small pretty pink or white bowl, 25gms (2 handfuls) rose petals, sprinkle orris root, 1 vial pink fairy dust,
Love or water incense, a pink candle, a small pink or red heart, (symbolic such as rose quartz, blingy, metal etc)
Love oil (or jasmine, ylang-ylang, lavender or cardamom ess oil – single or mix as to what you have). When ready, this can either be done on Imbolc itself, or on any Monday or Friday between the new & full (waxing) moon…Light the incense to set the vibrations at your workspace. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Centre yourself. When I say to “Visualize”, if you are single, close your eyes and think pink bubbles and stars as someone is hugging you (no face), and if in a relationship and want to spice it up, do same but with your current partner. Where there is a choice of words, select as appropriate for single or relationship. Are you with me so far?
1. Hold the bowl over the incense smoke to cleanse it and set its vibrations for love. Close your eyes. Visualise & say “This is my bowl of pure and true love to bring/enhance my magickal love from above”
2. Drip oil onto wedding finger tip and annoint the inside of the bowl. Repeat “This is my bowl…etc”
3. Hold the rose petals in your left hand and say “These are my petals of pure and true love, to bring…etc” and add the petals to the bowl
4. Now sprinkle the petals with orris root and say “This is my fixer of pure & true love, to bring…etc”
5. Sprinkle the fairy dust over the petals & say “This is my sparkling bowl of true love, to bring…etc”
6. Sprinkle a little of the oil into the rose mix and mix with your fingers and say:
“Like a cake, the ingredients I blend,
For my love to come/hold and my heart to mend/lend”
To complete your bowl of love, kiss the pink heart of choice and place in the centre of the rose petals and say
“May our hearts be true, for the good of all, and be together as one”
Now hold the bowl in your Magick Mittens. See the sparkly rainbow flowing out of the bowl and setting the spell in motion. Place your bowl within the Love corner – don’t worry, it will just look like sparkly pot-pourri to others!! ‘Magick mitten’ your candle, and put with the bowl in your love area. Light the candle & say
“My partner in love is perfect for me. They are on their way/here with me now, so mote it be”
Snuff the candle after a wee while. It has begun. Leave in the room and relight the candle, add a few drops oil and stir your love bowl every so often until your love life ignites, just as a candle flame of luv. You deserve it
Love corner colours…
Meanwhile, let’s look at the room colour of your love area. My boys’ old bedroom (love corner) was blue and magnolia – WRONG!! Blue cools love and passion so the room now needs a revamp but what colour is best…??
Whether walls and carpet or coloured bedding and pictures, vibrant red attracts passion, whilst bright pink is seductive and sexual. Peach is romantic whilst pale pink attracts the youthful aspects of love and romance. Lavender or lilac is my choice as it is dreamy, romantic, soothing and magickal…so get the paint out, the pictures hung and the bedding changed!! Use these colours in both your love & marriage corner and your bedroom, and get the vibration of colour onto the side of romance and let Valentines Day be in your life every day!
The Art of abundance…the next corner
Next area we will attend to is our prosperity corner. I remember years ago, when the business was struggling and a customer asked me what I had in my prosperity corner, I didn’t even know where it was! We discovered that in my business, it was a vast area of nothingness. Immediately, we set up a prosperity shelf and a short time later, Harry potter came on the scene, I got my 5 minutes of fame and business turned around overnight…! Following on from my recent troubles, I now feel it is time to make a new prosperity area, both in the shop and at home, so we will do this together…as Desmond Tutu once said “When your dreams turn to dust… vacuum!”
This is what we are going to do to attract abundance into our lives – we are going to get rid of old thoughts and processes and bring abundance in from the Universe so we can make those new dreams happen! Ready?
Firstly, look at your house plan using a noughts-and-crosses-type square over your home. From your main entrance, the prosperity & gratitude corner is the far left back corner. In my home, it is the kitchen, which makes the best centre for this area, as it contains lots of food, and prosperity is the domain of the element of earth. In the kitchen, you take normal ingredients and transform them into wholesome food for the family. You sustain their needs in this room so I am happy to make an Earth altar within this space.
When you have worked out the room this falls in, then you have to create an area. A windowsill makes an excellent prosperity altar once cleared. This area is all about safety, security and luxury within your home so this will help attract the ability to provide those things for you and yours to make your new dreams happen.
How do we create an Abundance Altar?
First, wipe the area with juniper berry or frankincense on a cloth so it is purified and ready to go. Earth or prosperity incense is the obvious incense to burn, but oats and patchouli also attracts money as does cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg,orange, pine and cedar if you want to make your own – just add a blend of the dried herbs to frankincense or benzoin, grind them together and burn on a charcoal disc sat on a pot of salt.
The oils of cinnamon, nutmeg and orange are in my Childhood memories and pine and cedar are in the winter wonderland; these make excellent cleansing/purifying oils for everyday and help attract abundant vibrations at the same time!! Sprinkle the oil onto a dishcloth daily and wipe the surfaces in the kitchen and/or burn in a vaporiser. Once you have wiped the altar area and put on incense, we are ready to up your abundance and welcome luxury into your life. The Universe is vast and full to the gunnels – we just have to tap into it!!
Spell for abundance
You will need:
A flat palm stone plus a tumble stone in one of the abundance crystals or a Pyrite Sun and a piece of pyrite
A green candle and a glass jar to hold it in Money powder and a currency note £10 or £20 or blank cheque
Cleanse your crystals in the sunshine outdoors if possible, or hold in Earth or prosperity incense. When the stones are ready to use, take each item individually, hold in your “Magick Mittens” and see gold £signs flowing through each item and spilling over into golden rainbows of cash. You are ready to begin:
Sprinkle your Money powder in the shape of a £ sign on the altar and place the palm stone or Pyrite sun on top of the powder. Place the folded currency or black cheque on top of the stone. Draw £ signs on the green candle annoint with Earth or patchouli oil and put into the glass or jar, and place the tumble stone in the jar alongside the candle. Put the glass on top of the currency or cheque.
Hold the jar in situ with your Magick mittens and see your credit cards stamped PAID, see your bank account in credit and your savings account increasing steadily with savings. Light the candle as you say:
“At the end of the rainbow lies a pot of Gold or so the Leprachauns will have us told
Let this flame commence the pot to pour and fill my purse for evermore,
So mote it be”
Light the candle regularly and carry the tumble daily to carry the spell’s abundant vibration with you. Replace the candle when finished and light incence regularly and with thanks to the Universe, let the luxury commence…
What colours?
If possible, add a touch of green or gold and natural woods to your prosperity corner/area/room to connect to the earth and get that money coming into your home. Simples!!
Your own Pot of Gold…
Another addition is to symbolise that pot of gold mentioned in the abundance spell, by making your own.
Take a small clay pot/plant pot and fill the bottom with peat or soil to link it to the Earth and on top, place 1 x small lodestone or a magnet. Next, put together any gold items you have – old gold buttons, gold coins off costumes (belly dance etc), foreign currency, gold fairy dust, chocolate coins in gold foil and anything golden you can find. Decorate your pot with gold paint and add the golden items to your pot on top of the lodestone. Hold in your Magick Mittens and visualise sparkles and money flowing out of the pot. Say:
Pot of gold, please bring to me, abundance and prosperity,
Let my savings mount up for me, this is my will so mote it be
Add to your magnificent abundance space. May this small adjustment in your home’s prosperity corner tap into that never ending Universal Pot of Gold and use it wisely when it begins to overflow into your life!!
What more can we do??
Decorate your area with money-attracting crystals such as citrine, chrysoprase, bloodstone, jade, aventurine and/or tiger eye. You can also add a Buddha with its abundant belly to rub daily, plus any charms you feel can help attract luck and prosperity. In my area, alongside the crstals above, I have a lucky money cat, a 3-legged money toad, an elephant (with trunk up), an Earth pouch and a green wishing pyramid to put my dreams into. You can select whatever charms you want. Add a green money candle, money spray (Fortuna) or patchouli/Earth oil and a fenugreek jar (half fill a little jar with fenugreek seeds and add a couple every day to keep money flowing in). Your altar is now good to go…so let it begin…
Corner No3…your spiritual corner
This area of the grid is where you connect with the spirit world, where you manifest your dreams and desires, where you make things happen and where you have insight into your future. This is where your altar, special crystals, magickal tools etc should all live, decorated with beautiful purple or white candles & incense burning. Here, you connect with spirit, find peace and hear those answers. The colour to incorporate into this space is the spiritual colour purple, whether paint, curtains or cushions, and use purple/white/clear crystals in this space to aid that connection. However, more importantly, we have to talk about clutter!!
Yes, what should we do about clutter??
The clutter has to go if you are going to make your area of divine connection flow better…after all, this is where magick happens and nothing can be allowed to stop the flow when working with the God & Goddess and the elements. Does any of this sound familiar? Do you have clutter under the bed or in every drawer/cupboard or does your home flow cleanly?
We have to create a new mind-set but still one of recycling. If you haven’t used something in 3/5 years, then it’s time to let someone else find a use for it…call it an exchange of energy! One man’s muck is another mans brass… so the saying goes! I intend to help you release this energy back into the world and let someone else utilise it in whatever way they can! I often wondered why my mind would never rest to meditate in this area! Maybe it’s because there’s so much clutter within those four walls that the energy was buzzing rather than restful, clogged rather than flowing, overful rather than peaceful. This area of the grid has to vibrationally reflect a feeling of peace and tranquility to enable connection with the Divine and outer peace will then reflect inward to give inner peace!!
Time to begin making your list of the areas of clutter in your home so you can start to let the energy flow and new things in! Make a list of each area in each room that needs attending. Are the drawers all messy full of stuff no-one uses? Are you keeping that dress just incase you get slimmer again? To let in the new, we have to let go of the old. Remember baby steps but aim to do something daily and gradually work your way through the clutter, first in this area of divine connection, but continue through the home. Will prosperity maybe flow better if that part of the grid wasn’t a garage full old paint tins and bikes? We are shifting energy here and this is an excellent part of the grid to begin with and, as you feel better for emptying that drawer, so you will continue and lift the vibration of the home into a new mode of flow…and then watch things begin to happen.
Clearing the clutter – how you doing so far?
I don’t know about you but my house is now in chaos lol…my love corner is now full of items waiting sorting as I try and make space and flow within my area of divine connection. Having said that, the blue is gone out of my spiritual zone and replaced with purples and the area now flows beautifully, so progress is being made. Can I say that it doesn’t happen overnight? My partner and I had a great couple of hours just burning excess paperwork outside in a metal combustion bin which appeared after a sortout of papers one rainy Sunday afternoon that had been building upfor years! We felt great after the clearout and even better after it became just a pile of ash and now it is all sorted and filed and more space has been made. You just need a list of each area to be sorted and work your way through it. I am finding homes for things daily and each bit done just encourages me to continue and do more. I hope it is the same for you!! Keep up the good work!
So to the last corner of the grid
The final corner in our grid is the front left hand corner and this is your area…the area for serenity and self-love. In my home, this is within my lounge. This is where I exercise, where I read, where I find my 5 minutes with coffee to play Suduko for my brain, where I write the newsletters and where I have always found time for me, even if that is just laying on the settee and watching a film I have waited ages to see. This area is your area of relaxation and where you find time to simply breathe and be you! It should be comfortable with relaxing lighting and maybe warm peach in colour, a peaceful colour promoting self-love, surrounded by natural wood such as pine or beech. This area should be cosy and comfortable and what I call your “Cadbury’s Caramel” area where you can slow down and take time for you, where you can curl up on the settee or a bean bag and meditate, draw or read your favourite book….whatever floats your boat when it comes to winding down and relaxing!
Incense, oils and candles are a necessity in this area to promote peace and stillness, with regular cleansing a necessity to keep the area balanced. Crystal wise, surround the area with calming crystals – I have a rose quartz bowl filled with harmonious crystals like rhodochrosite, chrysoprase, manganocalcite and amethyst, all to calm and relax, plus several fluorite clusters around to absorb any stress, kyanite to promote balance and harmony and lots of crystal tealight holders; when I feel gloomy, I simply light them all, light water incense and breathe and I know I will feel better. All your favourite tools of relaxation should be in this zone, so make this area all about you and you’ll then have your area of serenity when you have had a bad day!! Check it out now!
Mood Spray…
I sat in my space above, closed my eyes and sprayed my aromatic spray over myself, then breathed very deeply and slowly and gave myself a minute. It was a little strange; first cool, then calming then relaxing and then I could face the rest of the day…sometimes that is all we need. Sprays are very easy to make:
Get a 50ml spray bottle, fill with a nice floral water like rose, chamomile or lavender, then add 25-35 drops essential oils such as lavender, geranium and bergamot or a blend such as Lady Days, Euphoria, Sunshine or Stressful days. Put on the top, shake and spray and see how you feel. Add more if necessary et viola…easy! This is my own Mood spray; 10 drops each of Rosemary and Niaouli and 5 drops each Lavender, Peppermint and Bergamot in 50ml Lavender water and shake, spray…and relax! Go on, give it a go…simples!!
The entrance to your castle
Before we start to fill in the grid, I want to address the front door – the magickal and physical entrance to your home! What is your doorway like? If you look at the design of a doorway, two uprights with a lintel across, filled in with a piece of wood, glass or plastic…design hasn’t come very far since they made the entrance to Stonehenge, but even the ancients enlisted a doorway of power to let the Sun enter their magickal space??
Your doorway should be strong and secure to protect you but also help attract luck and abundance into your home. I have been attending to the outside of mine, having had a new garden designed in the front. I have created an entrance gateway to my property surrounded by roses, lavender and rosemary (love, peace and strength). Then, beautiful stepping stones surrounded by Scottish pebbles make their way to my doorway. Once planted, I will then have a surround of scented honeysuckle and jasmine (passion and prosperity). The door to your residence should be spacious to let positive energy flow into the home but also ensure that negative energy is kept out. One way to block this useful flow is clutter…that word again! Can you open your door and freely walk through the hallway with your bags of shopping, or do things get in your way? Make sure the door opens all the way and is not stuffed with things behind so you cannot walk easily into the house. We have shoes in the hallway so we take them off as we come in…but well away from the door. If shoes, bags, brollies etc block the opening, your good fortune will be blocked too…not helpful! So, first ensure that the door, inside and out, is clutter free so the flow of good energy can meander into your home like a gentle stream. It doesn’t have to be empty…just free-flowing! In fact, if your front door opens into a long thin hallway, use pretty lighting and small objects to slow the flow…we are not after a Tsunami through your hall, just a gentle meander!! What about the colour? Is your hallway bright or dim? A bright well-lit hallway attracts good energy but if you enter into a cluttered dark hallway, the chi will be sluggish, if it meanders at all, and a downturn in your luck could result… and we don’t want that! Tidy up your hallway, keep if well lit, and ensure the colour is bright, and sunny too.
What is your door like? Does it need a lick of paint? Red calls in protective and energised blessings, green calls in prosperity, black is strength and protective…good for your career and blue is a magickal entrance. My shop door is blue (obviously) but my home door is wooden with 2 glass panels each with a star in the centre… strong and natural yet magickal, as the sun shines and puts the stars with rainbows alongside onto the hall floor.
You should keep your front door looking good. I am always oiling it to ensure a freely opening door (sometimes sticks and a sticky door means sticky energy…not good). Keep the glass clean too to keep the entrance clean and bright, and makes sure the lock is in good working order…if you find it difficult to get in because the lock jams, the energy will be locked out too…do you see where I am going with this?? Your doorway is a magickal portal to your home and it should reflect all you want your home to be!
My doorways also contain ‘much magickalness’ above them! Above the doorway is where I hang St Johns wort (happiness) and mistletoe (protection and luck), a pink hanging crystal (a calm loving home), my set of magickal keys (security & protection), my Native American Sage ‘man’ (clear purified energy), a holey stone and a variety of magickal pouches and crystals. All this hangs above my doorways to ensure a safe, lucky, happy, harmonious residence. So, what does your doorway say? The question is – “does your entrance need a rethink or have you got it sussed?” The abundance and luck in your home (and your business) may well depend on the answer!
Creativity and play area…does it do all it should for you?
We are now going to start to connect the corners around the home and the first area I want to address is the area between your love corner and your spiritual corner…as you stand at your door looking in, this is the central space to the East of your plan and this is where you get creative and also where your play is portrayed.
In my home, this area is within two rooms, part bedroom and part Apothecary…perfect for this zone. This area is where you find your creativity flow and your ideas and inspiration for new projects, It might be a childs play or bed-room or where you seek your own inner child… where you find joy and frivolity to do what ever pleases you and what you feel like just because…! Check your grid and see how this space has been utilized in your home and does it fit the bill? In my case, my Apothecary is my creativity area, as it is where I store all the contents of my products, so the room is wall-to-wall ideas in oils, beeswax, salt, tinctures and jars, bottles etc all stuffed into one small space with my recipes and my pendulum and within this very small dark space, I come up and perfect my best ideas. When I am not creating, it is shut off to the world…like locking in the spell by snuffing a candle!! However, that space is only half my zone and the other half is located within my bedroom…this is why the grid is important to measure it out. My spirituality half contains my altar and the bed but the play area consists of my Witchy bookcase and my personal creative altar, and the only other thing stored in this space is our sturdy Oak wardrobe! My clothes have always been located here…perfect if you think of what clothes do for you!
We play different roles throughout the day and we express that through what we wear. You want a business façade, out comes the suit/smart clothes. Going out? It is out with that special black dress. Your wardrobe is all about which hat you want to put on that day: work, rest or play, witch or saint, business or pleasure, frivolous or fancy…the answers to your various shades should all be contained within that wardrobe space!!
Career & Life Path sector
Let’s look at the ‘Career and Life Path’ part of the house. This is the middle sector along the front of your grid located on the side of the entrance to your home, between the 2 front corners. I want you to get a coffee and take a few minutes to go stand and look closely at this area. Does it reflect your career or give rise to your dreams or true potential? Does it reflect why you are here and what your role is on this planet? What does it say about the true you and what you want to be doing for the forseeable future? This is the area where you create what you are here to do, your true life purpose and path. Are you in the career you want, whether employed, self-employed or at home? Is this the life you want for yourself or did you see another? Was there a path that you have been diverted away from but should now go back onto?
If this area is a child’s bedroom and your role is to bring up your children and help them become confident and independent adults who can go out into the big bad world and make their mark, it is perfect. If your children have gone into that world and it is still like a child’s/spare bedroom, it is time to change it just a little!
Let me show you:
In my home, this is where I placed our Office. On the desk is a laptop & printer, where every label, newsletter and business card for ‘The Green Witch’ is produced. The other half of the room is our search for fun, laughter and the meaning of happiness – maps, cycle stuff, skiis, walking boots, (exploration of the wonderful world we live in), records, cd’s, guitars – (music for every emotion), fine wines, spirits and champagne (for the good life) and finally, our inspiration board – all those things we want to do and places we want to see before we die, neatly arranged in picture form. The sector also includes my entrancehall so through the wall to the board, I have created my wall of memories; photos of when we have completed things we wanted to do off our board – the natural wonders of this planet and the man-made feats too that make us smile, so we can positively relive and remember what we have achieved together. Finally, amongst the coats, as there is too much caring about stuff and not people, a simple sign – “Happiness is not having the best of what you want, but making the best of what you’ve got!” From my description, you will hopefully get the meaning of how to portray this area and can make yours reflect the life you want…even if just with pictures on the wall. Make changes and make it happen!!
Health and Family sector
We have wandered around the home, and have hopefully so far, tweeked your life for the better. The next section is the sector we adjust to ensure all is well where family is concerned. Family is the most important thing in life, but not everyone has the perfect family. These days, families are often fragmented and extended, just like my own, and it is a case of making the best of the family you have, whether blood or adopted step family. Blood or not, family is so important and this sector should reflect your family life.
This sector is located in the west between self-love and prosperity. This area concerns health matters, cycles of life, and family; children, parents and extended family. In my home, it is mostly in my lounge with a little in my kitchen too. Centre to this area is the Fireplace with the back boiler that heats my water also in this area (fire and water – passion and emotions). Here I have the family altar above the fire itself, and also family group photos and memory niknacks and shelves of healing crystals. What’s in yours? Does it reflect your family life?
I am lucky in that I have the fireplace, which the family still insist on sitting on (cannot help themselves), so I thought it would be great to incorporate a Hearth in everyone’s home at this Festive family time!!
Here is what we are going to do:
Gather together a red pillar or similar candle (fire), 1 x terracotta or slate tile (hearth) and a small jar (family pot). Place the tile on a flat surface somewhere within your section. Take a small quartz point and have everyone in the home, if possible, write their initials within a single large heart inscribed on your candle. Carve symbols for wishes for the family i.e intertwined hearts for love, £ for abundance, scroll with an ‘A’for exam results, then hold the candle within your ‘magick mittens’, close your eyes and feel the power whilst visualising the family gathered together in your home chatting, having a laugh and everyone getting on with each other and also with their life. Let the power from your hands flow for as long as possible then place the candle on the tile.
Now add the small pot/cauldron/pretty jar to the tile next to the candle. This is to be your ‘family pot of love’.
Mix together florals such as rose petals, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, heather and any other dried plants, plus cedar or sage for purification, in the bottom of your pot, stirring with your wedding finger, and say;
‘A mix of magick into my little pot to keep misunderstandings at bay
So my loving family will return to my hearth even when living away’
then add small family momentos such as hospital baby name band, baby teeth, small photos, holiday memories etc, small crystals such as Lepidolite negative family issues, carnelian peace and harmony and chrysoprase for friendship and bliss to the pot and others of your choice, saying as you add them;
‘May my love for the family be honest and true and felt by all loved ones herein
And our gatherings filled with laughter and love, no anger to ever begin’
Now hold the pot, sprinkle the top of the mix with pink fairy dust and say…
            ‘Some last minute sparkle makes the magick complete,
So its Merry meet, merry part and again merry meet’
Kiss the pot and add to your ‘family hearth’ next to the candle. Light every time the family are together or when you are missing them to help keep them close.
Magickal Housekeeping – your Radiance & reputation zone on your grid
This area is the middle zone along your back wall, between your prosperity and love areas. This is where you are seen by the world and how you appear to all you meet. What makes you shine apart from the rest? What effect do you have on others and what talents do you have that will help them? Whose day did you brighten today? As I look out upon this winter wonderland, it is filled with tiny lights and fires, inside and out, that brighten the darkest hour…and so should your inner light shine out on even the dullest of days, and those tiny smiles will ripple outward and encourage others to do the same and so the tiny lights beam out like a fire on a winters’ day!
Have you ever laughed so heartily you couldn’t stop crying…how great did you feel? It is catching too and you can end up laughing just at someone else laughing. Tommy Cooper could do that…walk onto a stage and everyone would laugh, yet he had done nothing! This area of your home lights that fire of your inner talents and allows them to shine for others to see. Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone…remember that! When feeling down, Mrs Brown’s Boys does it for me…you can’t be sad watching her! I even got asked to keep it down on a flight to the US because my muffled laughter was keeping everyone awake!! Really!!
To encourage your strengths, display framed certificates or photos of achievements you are proud of, so as to remind yourself of your abilities. Decorate the area with diamond shapes, suns, stars or a tree to radiate out into the world. 9 is the magickal number for this area so think 9’s or 3×3. Paint 9 gold stars on the wall or make a large diamond shape out of 9 small framed pics…let your mind flow and your talents will grow! Hang a diamond shaped mirror rather than a square! The Radiance area is of Fire and light, so think reds, oranges, gold & hot pinks…bright fiery vibrant colours for candles & furnishings or hang fairy lights round to lighten the darkest corner. Try a salt lamp or better still, remember lava lamps…nothing says fire and light more than that red lava lamp in the loft!! Use an oil burner; scent with cinnamon, clove and orange to spice up your reputation. This is how you want the world to see you…it should not be dull, so get the light & colour flowing and see what happens!!
Magickal housekeeping…the final frontier!!
In my bid to help balance our lives, we have been right round the outside of the house on the grid and all we have to do now is the very centre of the home. This is your source of balance and harmony, synergy and bliss and where your life all blends together, where all the energies from around your home mix. In my home, all the rooms in the house go off this square, so the energies really do all mix. From this central point, I always have incense burning next to a bowl of crystals, plus a round Feng Shui crystal hanging from the very central point to encourage the flow from all areas to blend. This is like the hub of a wheel, and the spokes reach into each area and we must keep this energy turning and blending. This area should have as much clear open space with as little clutter as possible and be painted with a space-enhancing colour such as cream, beige or yellow. To ensure a happy home, spray this centre area regularly with an uplifting spray to be made by you to keep your home and family harmonious! Look for suggestions on my Website or create your own
The magickal housekeeping instructions are now complete. It’s just a matter of making it happen in your own time in your own home, and once in place, watch the benefits flow & your life improve for the better.

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