Magickal Cookery

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Goulash Soup – magickal mountain cookery…

I love goulash soup on a cold day in the mountains. I discovered it several skiing holidays ago and now lunch on it every chance I get when in the mountains. It is filling, warming and delicious and fires you to face the world again – after all, you do have to get back down that mountain!! We are going to use soup to spark our inner radiance!! Yes, we really are so first, find a brightly coloured fiery soup you like and want to make i.e. carrot & coriander, spicy lentil or for students or singles, you can even sprinkle a little cayenne pepper into tinned tomato soup!! To set the scene, light Fire incense in your kitchen, anoint an orange or red candle with cinnamon oil and light, & put on music that brightens your day and makes you want to sing and dance, and you are ready to roll!

Stirring clockwise, make your soup or open the tin. Dance and sing whilst stirring and creating and making your soup whilst the flame heats it. Close your eyes and visualise yourself laughing and dancing and spinning like a child on a hillside – be Julie Andrews on that mountain!! Let this wildness travel from your mind, through your heart, down your arm to the wooden spoon into your soup and feel the cookers heat giving it more fire. As you stir, sprinkle in your cayenne or paprika or cinnamon and say, stirring clockwise all the time…

Heat from this fire, put into this mix, Sparkle and light and into us fix,

Let the heat of this potion bring our light to the World, as it radiates outward let our talents unfurl

Let us love who we are and enjoy what we do, and so mote it be for me and for you

Let your soup finish cooking, then simply enjoy eating with the family and let that fiery spark ignite!! Yum…

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