Mabon 2020

By: GreenWitch
Posted: 3rd September 2020

Holy Moly - what a year so far, with another newsletter written in an empty shop! Following an unheard of, never experienced in this country before, tropical storm, on a normal, not even hot and humid day, we had rain, thunder and lightning for 9 hours through the night, and mass flooding in our village and all up this part of east Fife. Never has my poor shop been enveloped in water before, and even though Covid-19 did not close me fully, this one-off storm has!! I am looking on it as an Elemental blessing for The Green Witch: Earth and Water (mud and rain) filling the ground inside my shop coaxed on by Air and Fire (thunder and lightning), and that they have given me and my shop a break from trading now that others have re-opened. Cleaning the mud & water away from throughout the premises and getting it clean and dry it is exhausting, but nothing I can do except stay closed and get on with the task in hand with new Witchy sidekick Janey until sorted! Poor Janey – 1st she got the pre-lockdown queues for oils & tinctures, then lockdown itself, then just as we return to our new normal shop trading, the almighty storm…some start to her new job! Maybe Maggie was testing her, making sure she has what it takes – she passed!!! The big dryers are now in, so once the shop is dry and floors sorted, we can tidy up, restock and begin our new normal again hopefully by the time we reach Mabon: just keep an eye on FB/website for updates as the professionals progress… managed to soaked up 50 gallons water in 1st24 hours…and there’s more!! So, onwards and upwards to Mabon…

The Autumn Equinox…

We are reaching the Autumn Equinox on 22nd, when night and day are once again equal but we are heading into darkness. The last normal newsletter was the Spring Equinox, but boy what a ‘6 months in the light’ we have had! Will life ever be ‘normal’ again? Who knows, but for now, time to plan what to do over the darker nights. My thoughts are that we should prepare for 2 eventualities: what to do if all is well, and what to do if you go into lockdown once more. Be prepared for the unexpected, because what the last 6 months have shown is that 2020 is not a normal year…so I plan to take one day at a time, work if I can and run off and chill in the motorhome if I can’t (like now). What a joy to have for escape and so glad we gambled last year on buying before retiring! I aim to survive fit and healthy until we can kick 2020 out (No 4) and allow a calmer 2021 ( No 5 - my lucky number) in!

Positivity around the home or workplace…

It is always interesting when I get to get time to go through into the storeroom and sort crystals and often find things forgotten about! This time, because the boxes got waterlogged and collapsed, I found forgotten stock whilst re-boxing & drying that should be shared as that is the point of finding them!! 1st thing I found which was a Aragonite sputniks. These are uninteresting clusters of spiked brown or white crystals, yet of which Aragonite is one of the main components of pearl and coral…it is the main part of that beautiful, shiny, rainbow surface inside a shell produced by the mollusc!! Not many know of the brown spiky cluster I speak of, but they are thought to relieve geopathic stress and open blocked ley lines, so are great for placing around the home to relieve stress and open up to balance and harmony! They can also be helpful for manifestation and for making the most of those opportunities that may come your way: place in the correct section for what you need to manifest (money corner for a job etc): check out ‘Magickal Housekeeping’ on my website for directions, and let it get on with its job!

If you have no idea how to move forward, try a lump if Iron Pyrite. A gold crystal that grows in cuboid form, it is useful to enhance the get-up-and-go in you to tap into your talents and come up with ideas to transform your life. It can be used to manifest all sorts of things whether a successful career, improved health, bring back vitality or confidence and help overcome any doubts and fears brought on by lockdown to help you move forward to success once more. Carry a small piece and put a large piece in the relevant corner of your home…simple…so let’s do it!

Put your copper on…

As we try to recover from lockdown, lots of you own copper bracelets and wear them for arthritis or rheumatism, but copper is also a conductor of energy, so can enhance your energy and combat lethargy. Copper also magickally enhances and attracts luck and optimism and wearing copper attracts money, abundance and wealth so, look out that copper bracelet you discarded and align yourself with the abundance of the Universe. Also, just as we bury copper pennies on Friday 13th, if lockdown has really demolished your finances, put some copper pennies under rugs or add a jar of pennies to your money corner to help get that abundance back! 

Harmony bowl revisited…

Some time ago, I encouraged you all to make a harmony bowl for the centre of your home, your love/family corner, created from pink things… Creating your Harmony bowl…

When the house is calm, find a small glass bowl (clear or pink if possible but pale green or blue will also suffice). Cleanse with a smudge stick/frankincense and fill with pink. You don’t need a large bowl or lots of stones, but fill with pink crystals, rose petals, ribbon, pink buttons (go see mum or gran & raid their button tin), pink glass beads… whatever you can find to vibrate the energy of pink. 

When complete, sit the bowl on your altar, amongst family photos in your family room or the centre of the home. 

Well, after lockdown, we need to revisit: take it apart, cleanse everything and remake it with some added extras…whatever your household needs to restore harmony should be added to the bowl! Here’s some ideas:

  1. A piece of pyrite and some gold £1 or £2 coins if you’re in need of a job/money/pay the bills etc
  2. Add some family wishes to help your household move forward and restore family contentment
  3. A photo of your family during the good times - abundant, happy & healthy - to stand with your bowl
  4. Green stones to attract luck, success and abundance and protect the harmony and happiness of the family, such as Chrysoprase, aventurine, amazonite, malachite or jade
  5. A pentagram, whether a silver one, painted on a rock from the beach, drawn on paper or scratched on a little piece of slate…

When complete, stand together around the bowl, incense lit, hands held, as this is for you all, and all together say…

Our bowl of possibility, harmony and tranquility

Universe we ask of thee, this is our will, so mote it be

Repeat for each of you in the home, then leave the bowl in its place with the photo and daily, pay it attention and honour with incense and let it run until harmony, contentment and happiness is restored to all of you once more

Update your wish box

In this ever-changing world, it is imperative that you attract what you need into your life to live a full and happy one, and this can change quickly, so time to update your wish box or make one if you don’t have one! I always check mine at this time of year when day and night are equal, leave it if still under way or re-do it if all has materialised. Full details are on the website if you want to make your own wish box. I have had mine running for years now and includes what I want for my home, my personal life, my business and my children…if you don’t ask, you don’t get!! We all want to have a good life, living it with love and laughter, so get writing! The Universe is never ending and full to the brim and will fulfil your every need, but don’t get greedy or a Universal kick will be all that is forthcoming!

Home is your castle…

One thing 2020 has brought to the fore is that your home should be your protection and your sanctuary away from the world, and as we all got locked down and most made to work or home-school from it, we have all been tested to the max. Lockdown was a struggle for most, even if you are in a loving family with a well-balanced relationship, but for some, the whole time has been nothing short of hell! As some form of normality returns, hopefully those who discovered life is not good and want a different kinda life will seek advice & help to make much-needed changes. The rest of us have discovered the shortfalls in our home due to suddenly everyone being at home. I am fortunate in that we have the motor home for escape and a lovely country to escape in, and it looks like Mr Mac’s office is going to remain in the kitchen till at least Spring 2021! I normally have the kitchen 2 days a week for making and bottling but now have to ‘request’ the use of the kitchen, which is still half-demolished! We had the pantries knocked down and a new door fitted after New Year & was waiting for the light to return to decide how to design the new kitchen for April/May fitting – yep – we are still waiting!! It did finally push us into sorting what we have hummed & awed about for years - a summerhouse for the garden. After a ‘trying’ day, Mr Mac bought one to act as his office! We both worked all of lockdown and the money we would have spent on meals out and holidays has now given us a lovely chill zone at the bottom of the garden near the fire pit to find peace and quiet when we need to!!

So how do you find peace amongst the chaos? Have you smudged/psychically cleansed your home since lockdown? It is something that needs to get done weekly, if not daily if there are arguments/heated discussions indoors or noise and disturbance out-with your home. Finding peace is not a request…I have always maintained that everyone has the right to find peace and calm in their own home, and nothing and no-one has the right to take that away!

Cleansing with Clearing incense or Frankincense resin on charcoal, a smudge stick or Palo Santo wood should be done regularly, then the house calmed with floral oils or incense daily to maintain love, peace and harmony. If there is a disturbance in or outside your home, carry out the cleansing & burn the floral incense, then, with a bottle of Peace Oil, visualise utter peace and quiet into the bottle. Once done, look yourself in a mirror, close your eyes, visualise harmony and peace whilst anointing your forehead, nape of neck and pulse points, knowing the noise will cease and peace will follow…then keep the bottle surrounded by rose quartz on your altar and use every time you are disturbed. It won’t be long before peace and harmony reign within your walls once more… it is your right and the Universe will provide …just keep asking in this way until it is given!!

Moon Times:

New Moon:       Thu 17 Sep @ 12.01 hrs           Full Moon:        Thu 1. Oct @ 22.06 hrs

New Moon:       Fri 16 Oct @ 20.32 hrs            Full Moon:        Sat 31 Oct @ 14.50 hrs

…oh yes, because 2020 hasn’t handed us enough to cope with, let’s do Halloween on a full moon on a Saturday!! Again… Holy Moly: let’s just make it to the Celtic New Year, let it bring in luck, hope and happiness and begin anew

Wishing you optimism and good cheer in these challenging times

Christine Macdonald (alias the Green Witch

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