Mabon 2019

By: GreenWitchAdmin
Posted: 18th September 2019

Mabon Newsletter 23 September 2019

Welcome to a later than usual Mabon this year…check that date!! 

Mabon is the time of the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are once again equal, and then we begin the long journey to the shortest day. We seem to have missed the summer this year even though the signs said it would be decent but, due to the change of the jet stream, we have been suffering more “Beast from the East” weather but summertime means rain, not snow! Indeed, here is Fife, we have had lots of Ninja showers…like when we were kids in April… one minute you have glorious sunshine, the next the heaven’s open and you are soaked in seconds, then back to sunny once again. Every time I’ve got to cut wood in readiness for winter, it rains within minutes of getting the saw out, and then you have to wait till the wood is dry again. We will have to see what this winter brings but I am stocking up on logs, coal and kindling, just in case!!

You know it’s Mabon when you get up and there is a chill in the air, and as one who goes out with the dog in the morning, I realise this even more! The trees are turning yellow to orange to golden brown, with the odd flurry of falling leaves in the breeze and the flowers are turning to seed. The wind is more noticeable at this time of year, when you can feel that Autumnal chill! The nights are pulling in and it is now dark not long after teatime and only just light when you get up. I like autumn, when the coal fires go back on and the weather though cold, can be lovely at this time of year. Walking the dog needs an extra layer now, but it is a fab time to be out and about watching the season change. Keep your eyes out for the conkers dropping, and spread them on windowsills to deter those spiders, who start to come in looking for warmth and a mate. They don’t bother me in the house, but the shop windows can soon look a mess with all the cobwebs that appear overnight in our 300+ year old building. They do love to build them over the crystals…must be the energy helping to attract insects to their webs! A few fresh conkers in the window kept them clear till spring last year, so we will repeat it again, with Helen and Abi on conker duty!! Cedarwood or peppermint oil sprinkled liberally near the windows also helps too.

Finding balance…

Day and night are balanced at this time before we head to the dark nights. This is exactly the right time to look in the mirror and see if your life is balanced? What changes can you make to make it more balanced? Do you work too much or play too hard? Life is all about finding that balance, with work, rest and play in equal proportions, and as I get older, that need becomes more apparent! I still expect to be able to do everything I have always done at the pace I have always done it, but am finding it is no longer possible. Add in an adorable grandson and a lively puppy and chaos rules supreme!! My aim this winter is to figure how I can balance the work I love with the wonderful home-life I now also have with hubby, grandson and pup, plus find time to fit in things like writing, reading, knitting for Ragnarr and get a full night’s sleep! Life changes all the time and we have to adapt to those changes. Living in the 21stcentury is 24/7 pace and finding quiet time within the madness is getting more difficult. Hubby thought I was doing too much and, as a thank you for the added work of the puppy, surprised me with a cruise which included Dubrovnik, from my bucket list for our anniversary. An issue just before leaving caused me to unpack my laptop to resolve the issue, and that is where it stayed…plugged in. In my menopausal head, I had already packed it and off I went without it. At sea, you don’t even have access to the net so I had a week work & computer free. It was most enjoyable but the work was waiting on my return! It is very important to find time for peace and quiet away from tv and phones to let your brain find quiet. It is amazing the solutions and ideas you can come up with when you let everything stop. Bath time can be thinking or reading time, but in these madcap days, people opt for the quick shower and seldom have time for a long soak. Use this time to sort some balance within your life for your sanity!! At least we can head off to the middle of the Scottish countryside in the motor home and find a little respite. 

A spell to find peace in this busy world…

Life in the 21stcentury is busy and stressful, whether it is your job, family commitments, living in a noisy neighbourhood or all 3, and never getting a minute’s peace in your day. I know because I have tried to get this newsletter going since late August but just don’t get 5 minutes peace for my head to think straight…so am beginning it again just days before it should be out…and hope the day is peaceful enough to finish it…

So here is a little spell to try and bring some respite to your life…

You will need: purple candle, 2 x tealights, Peace /Water incense, 1 x sheet Paper, a purple pen & amethyst tumble.

On a new or waxing moon, light the incense and find some quiet. Light the tealights either side of the purple candle and then the purple candle. Cleanse the amethyst in the incense and hold in your hand. In the candle light, focus on what you need to happen to make your life more peaceful and harmonious. What will bring peace into your life? With the purple pen, write a list of things that will promote peace in your life. Once complete, place the note under the purple candle, sit the stone on the paper next to the candle, and allow it to burn down (if it is too big, snuff it out and continue the next evening). Once fully burned down, attach the list to the back of a mirror on a wall somewhere in your home, and let the peace reflect into your life and home. Carry the stone as a calm reminder.

My favourite crystals for magickal balance – Labradorite, Kyanite, Kunzite and Amethyst

When challenged, I always turn to fabulous Labradorite first. This is the stone of balance itself, with work, rest and play in equal proportions, so if you are out of balance, this will help give you energy when tired, peace if your mind is overworking, new ideas if you are static or stagnant and faith and trust ion yourself if you are in doubt. 

Kyanite is another crystal you will see me often wear. It helps balance all energy centres and retains no negativity when doing so, so is always working and never needs cleansing. It calms stress, dispels anger, rids confusion, and helps you find that peace for inner thoughts and calm. When I want to scream at all the disruption that’s not of my doing around me, you will see me wear Kyanite, both on my throat and in ears to calm me right down.

If I am overwhelmed with life and so out of balance I can’t cope, then Kunzite comes out. Kunzite gives you this feeling of a carefree existence. No longer overwhelmed, it enables me to get on with each thing one by one with joy and not worry about the rest. I just love the pink stuff when I am up against it.

My last favourite for when I am out of kilter is Amethyst. I love my amethyst cabochon pendant and earrings when the mundane stuff is not working in sync with me!! A strong healer and cleanser, it is naturally tranquilising and instantly fills me with calm. I can play with its smooth surface and love the vivid shade…my go-to when my memory is failing (more and more these days) and I really cannot be bothered! It seems to rebalance my lows and regain motivation for life and living again. What are your go-to crystals? Time to look them out and get them on…

Zen burners for calm and balance…

Those who follow my FB page will note that I’ve shown photos of the Zen burners. In this mad, mad world, creating a little zen at the end of the day is of great importance, and these little burners help you find a little peace in a chaotic world. The small, black, glossy burners are backflow incense burners, and once the incense starts to burn then turns backwards, you cannot help but watch in amazement as smoke flows the wrong way, like water. For about 15 – 20 minutes, you are engrossed in this action, which gives your mind a little quiet, if you switch off the damn phone! From just £7.50 and £1,50 per pack cones, they make a lovely gift for those who need to find that space in their life for a little quiet…and if I am mesmerised by them, everyone will be. I was demonstrating them one day to a lady, and the whole shop ended up waiting for the smoke to flow…and all left with one! 

2nd Anniversary

I am supposed to be covering anniversaries, did the 1stand forgot! See…busy menopausal brain! So to continue…

The 2ndAnniversary is Cotton,its interwoven threads representing how the couple have grown closer together in the 2ndyear of marriage. Will the weave be strong enough to survive or weak when stretched? Gifts would have included white tablecloths & serviettes hand embroidered with flowers & initials. My mum was gifted one from her bridesmaid and was still using it on Sundays, as a precious present highly valued and always washed by hand. 

The crystal is Garnet, a stone that helps inspires love and devotion, promotes emotional harmony, balances sex drive and strengthens commitment in the marriage… a lovely red representative of a 2ndanniversary.

The flower is Lily-of-the-valley, one of my favourite flowers. It has 2 leaves from which the delicate white bell flowers appear on a single stem…maybe representing the children that may result from this marriage. The tiny flowers are sweetly scented and aphrodisiac!! Colours for this anniversary are red and linen white.

Your cup of magickal coffee in a morning

It is a well-known fact that 3-4 cups good ground coffee is healthy. My view is everything in moderation and a little of what you fancy does you good, so here’s how to turn your coffee into a magickal brew for the day …

You will need alongside your favourite ground coffee and a clean index finger:

3 pinches ground cinnamon, 3 pinches ground ginger and a pinch nutmeg…and here’s what to do…

  1. To your measured ground coffee, add the cinnamon and say “Cinnamon is for energy, money and love.”
  2. Add the ginger and say “Ginger is for success when push comes to shove.”
  3. Now the nutmeg and say “Nutmeg is for luck, good fortune, and wealth.”
  4. Kiss your index finger, stir your ground coffee with the finger like a love-infusing magick wand x3 and say “A kiss keeps you happy and glowing with health.” 
  5. Now with a coffee filter sparkling with loving vibrations, brew your coffee in the usual way

Now when serving up your coffee to you and yours, sugar adds sweetness to the day (I am plenty sweet enough) and a dash milk helps smooth the way (I use goat’s milk…anything in the way gets magickally booted out haha). 

Moon Times:

New Moon:       Sat 28 Sept @ 19.27 hrs         Full Moon:        Sun 13 Oct @ 22.08 hrs

New Moon:       Mon 28 Oct @ 03.39 hrs

Check your Wish box and maybe make changes for some added peace and balance to that too…every little helps!!

Bright autumnal blessings from Chris (alias the Green Witch)

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