Lodestone – your magickal attractor

There is probably more folklore attached to this stone than any other going back even to the days of Hercules and Roman times. Lodestone is magnetic and naturally attracts, so in magick, we use this attraction to pull in money, customers, friendship, love or whatever we want to pull towards us. It will increase any power within a spell and the bigger the stone, the better, as this obviously depends on its magnetic ability for its pulling power. Carry it in your pocket and success will be drawn towards you. Equally, it is said that healers can use it to pull disease and pain from someone ill and I suspect this has been used for centuries all over the world. Even using it in a healing spell, it can be used to draw disease out of a person for wellness, but must be cleansed thoroughly after each use by leaving in the Earth for a week. In some areas, it is used to ensure husbands working away return home and don’t wander, and in the pocket of an impotent man, it has been accredited with helping ensure full working order again…so it can be of help in virtually any department of life from a marriage free of arguments to facilitating an easy birth… it is all in the direction you give your stone so don’t keep it dormant…make it work and in return, it will bring good things to you and deflect those things you don’t want
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