Life is for living?

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

Wayne Dyer asked ”Are you doing what you’d choose to be doing if you knew you only had six months to live?”
How many people live life thinking things will get better, or give something another year to improve and then I’ll change it, or spend your life full of wishes and shoulds’?

It is all about choices. I am where I am because of all the choices I have made over the years. In answer to Wayne’s question, yes I am! Can you answer the same?

We are on this plane for a short time and life is all about living life. It isn’t about enduring life or putting up and shutting up, but living and enjoying your life to the fullest of your ability. It isn’t about living to make others happy, but living your life for your own enjoyment and happiness.

Have you written your bucket list? I have a list of all the things I want to do and see before I die. Some are ticked already but it is written and will continue to grow. You don’t move forward without goals to aim for. If you don’t have one written, then make a start during the summer.

Imagine you do have only six months left in this world; have you done all you wanted to do? Is your partner the person you want to see your life out with? Does you job make you happy and fullfil you? Is there something you were going to learn but haven’t yet? Makes you think, doesn’t it? Life is for living & being happy, not regretting what you have or haven’t done…

I had been looking at my home with the thoughts “I really must sort this tip out…” as the years as a self-employed single parent is beginning to show. Things are looking worn out if they are not generally falling to bits and, although most of the time this doesn’t bother me, this particular day, it did!! I picked up a book on Home Astrology and you will see the outcome in the book review below. I have always believed that your home is your sanctuary and am always unsure of homes that look like a Homestyle magazine. Homes should be lived in, not a showroom, but it sometimes looks too lived in if you know what I mean. However, after reading Waynes question, what the hell does it matter as long as its occupants are all actually happy and living their life as they want to?

My nanna always said that “dust only gets so thick and then doesn’t get any thicker”…great philosophy don’t you think?? The state of my home is superficial and, if there was only 6 months left, I certainly wouldn’t be cleaning and dusting and as the latest epidemic or terrorist attack is going to kill us all, better get onto fullfilling that bucket list… rant to follow but get writing that list!!

But what about

The Mystery that is Life…

I love my life! I love my man, my kids, my house and my job. I simply love my life and thank my lucky stars every night. I think the purpose of life is to simply live it to the best of your ability. True, it can be a rollercoaster with its downs as well as ups, but the question is “Can you overcome the challenges presented?” Life is a series of challenges to overcome in this lifetime, and one never knows what the day will present. I adore the mystery of each day; who will come in today, what will today bring? This should be true every day for every one of us. Every day can present something new and if we have to overcome a fear to get there, then what is at the end of the challenge? This was the question I was presented with on my latest excursion that I now replay to you.

Mr Mac & I set off after New Year to the Dolomites in Italy. When we saw a hotel named Hotel Hell, we knew it was for us & outside was a small ski school on a little hill, so I was set; my challenge wouldn’t be big and I could relax over the next week but Mr Mac had other ideas, and it was daily Ski school for me. However, I was gutted to discover it would take place up the mountain, not outside the hotel. SUGAR! My plan had failed and worse, could I overcome fear and go up in a Gondala’? I’ve seen those films; the gondala falls and all plunge to their death! We stood at the bottom of the mountain, looking up. I could do this…surely? I took my trusty Herkimer diamond earrings, programmed them to keep me alive and got onboard. After my helicopter ride off the Grand Canyon, the gondala turned out to be a piece of cake. I had been scared for nothing. Even better, the beauty at the top of the mountain was oh so worth it. This was going to be my view every day for the next week. Challenge overcome, I enrolled in the class. The next day, I went up the mountain to meet my new colleagues. The first class rejected me after just 30 minutes saying I was holding them back (cheek!!) Turned out we had been grouped by language, not ability. The 2ndclass rejected me because I couldn’t speak Italian and they had no English, so 3rdtime lucky, I was sent to the beginners class. This step back would turn out to be a huge bonus in every other way. My classmates were 5 Russians, 1 Romanian and an Italian. Two Russians could speak a little English; the Romanian understood Italian and the Italian spoke some English; chats would be minimal! Over the next few days, I was elated I ended up in the 3rdgroup. The strength of the team to help each other overcome challenges will be an experience I’ll never forget and never have I had such fun with people that I could hardly converse with. When someone fell, we picked them up, when someone did well, we applauded, and we laughed the whole time. Together we did it, and when our class was finished at the end of the week, we went back up the mountain and skied down one more time as a team, together, and finished it off with a celebratory shot of Grappa. We clinked glasses and may have said “Cheers” in 4 different languages but the heartfelt emotion was the same. We learnt that friendship, trust, support and laughter were human traits that far outweighed the language barrier and my lesson was that sometimes, you are just a gondola ride away from a memorable journey.

A secret discovery in the Tyroleans

Sitting down for a coffee at the Hotel at the top of the gondola, I opened the menu. In front of me was “The Witches Daily Menu”. I thought Mr Mac was having a laugh but no! This was their daily menu…so why? In front of the hotel was a bizarre wooden scultpure and turns out these were in several places on the mountain. The area was known as ‘Witches run’ and was dedicated to the ladies of the 1500’s who died in the witchhunts on the mountian & the inscription was in Italian, German, French and English. Seems my task was to come to this part of the mountains to spend time with the magickal ladies of the past and again, if I hadn’t taken that ride up the Gondola, I would never have discovered the mountains mysterious & sinister secret!!

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