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Posted: 19th February 2020
How do you get your libido back when it seems to have gone on vacation…
What happens if you have lost the urge! What if your libido has declined and you cannot be bothered anymore…what then?? When you are young, this never seems to be an issue, nor when in a new relationship, but sometimes things happen to unbalance the hormones or overwork & tiredness strikes.
So here is some info that may help restore your libido if your relationship is under strain because of this problem…
Saw Palmetto balances the Testosterone levels and that is the sex hormone in both men and women and will enhance sex drive and enjoyment in both sexes, whilst Gingko is nature’s Viagra, ensuring the blood reaches all the necessary physical parts whilst helping the brain to do the rest. Siberian Ginseng has long had a reputation for arousing sexuality and stamina in women. Even the humble nettle has been used as an aphrodisiac for ever.
As for oils, they can be of great benefit for the physical body and the mind. A bath in ylang ylang is guaranteed to get even a tightly wound person relaxed (just make sure it is Ylang Ylang extra which is the top grade and not one of the lower grades or you could physically get a headache…which defeats the object!!). Patchouli is arousing oil known for its sexual connotations – just think of its connection to the sixties and how it loosened inhibitions. A favourite of mine and what I call the drug of the oil world, Clary sage is a fabulous aphrodisiac. It relaxes whilst stimulating…calms the mind, rids the body of stress, whilst reviving tiredness from the strains of life. So get these oils in the burner, in the bath, and sprinkled on the bed and…way hay for Beltane!!
Aphrodisiacs for passion…and get your mojo back…
Sometimes you need a little help to ‘get in the mood’, or maybe your ‘mojo’ is missing or possibly even dead! Essential oils can be a great help in this area, as lots of them have aphrodisiac qualities. They include patchouli, ylang ylang, clary sage, rosewood, black pepper, cardomom, nutmeg, cinnamon leaf, ginger and rosemary, and expensive oils like jasmine, sandalwood, neroli and rose otto. Some list or what…and if you have an essential oil collection, you must have at least one of these in it! As you can see from the list, it includes several spicy oils, which goes to follow that they will help “spice up your life”!!
Oils like patchouli and ylang ylang are well known aphrodisiacs – after all, patchouli made its name in the swinging sixties, helping release sensuality and helping people get in touch with their bodies, and ylang ylang is known as poor man’s jasmine, containing both aphrodisiac and euphoric properties helping release sexual anxiety. Spices like cardomom and black pepper may surprise some that they are on this list, but they smell absolutely divine. So what does what?? How can a few oils possibly help when stressed, tired or distant?
Clary sage is a favourite of mine and is very calming, letting all stress drift over your head. Any tension can easily be forgotten with the help of this little oil but don’t inhale before going out on the tiles or you will find the alcohol hitting you much faster than usual. It revitalises so inhale and watch fatigue just disappear, as does any headache as it is anti-spasmodic and analgesic. Its earthy musky aroma steadies the mind, bringing clarity where there is confusion or indecision. Emotionally, it balances between stimulation and relaxation and puts you in a state of euphoria…just what you need as a tonic to put you in the mood!! Try it in the bath…
Jasmine is well known for its aphrodisiac properties. It helps harmonize our sensual nature with our body so we can enjoy the physical pleasures; jasmine will reassure and support to allow you to enjoy pleasure, touch and affection. Inhaling jasmine will allow your senses to simply flow like a river. Well worth the indulgance…
So, when you have love in mind, add a combination of oils to a burner to awaken the senses and set the scene, or add to the bath and/or massage oil for a sensual evening of pleasure. Better still, why not try my seduction oil in both bath and massage, specially formulated with the above oils for just such a night!! Patchouli, jasmine or ylang ylang sprinkled on the bed lets your partner know exactly what your intentions are as well as to ensure the senses are set alight as soon as you both enter the room!! Bet that makes the sap start rising…!!
Light the room with beeswax candles to enhance the ambience – pink are made with ylang ylang, green with patchouli, red with ginger and not forgetting the turquoise “happy” candles with clary sage and geranium …
Wear one these oils as perfume!! Just add 50/50 to jojoba oil for your own personal perfume. Let your imagination play, depending on what aromas you both like, making sure you write them down, so if you find a combination with its own built in wow-factor, you’ll have the recipe for future evenings of frivolous fun!! If you cannot be bothered, then use my Love oil and watch this space for the new Moods aroma range…coming soon!!
But what if your Mojo is still fast asleep???
Some readers of this will find the oils enough to awaken their senses and manipulate their mojo, but for others, the problem is more serious with life a major issue. Factors such as stress will contribute greatly and the last thing you can do when you get home shattered after a terrible day at work is turn yourself into a sex god or goddess to please your partner. Don’t worry; help is at hand. Damiana was suggested by a customer of mine who had had some reaction in just days and rang to tell me to get it in…so I did!! 50ml £4.50, 100ml £8.50
Damiana is an aromatic shrub from South America, therapeutically used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, and is stimulating to both sexes!! The Natives took a cup of Damiana tea before they were expected to perform and the tea ensured success!! It helps physical weakness, depression and nervous exhaustion and is also helpful for cystitis and prostatitis. What a little remedy and we have all tested it round here as a boost.
Oats are also of help. Get that porridge down you as it is a general tonic to the body. It boosts performance and stamina in athletes and definitely does the same in the bedroom, ensuring you get your daily oats!!
Korean (Panax) Ginseng and Rhodiola are both adaptagens and will help your body deal with stress. This will help improve performance by improving testosterone levels, sperm formation and even help erectile dysfunction and impotence by improving the tolerence to stress which is usually at the bottom of any of these problems.
A daily dose of Gingko will help blood reach parts other tinctures cannot reach, whilst saw palmetto helps improve sex drive in men and ensures prostate health at the same time.
Crystals in the trouser pockets can also aid that area. Garnet balances sex drive and adds sexual potency whilst inspiring commitment, love and devotion. Fluorite rekindles sexual libido, whilst red tiger eye increases it. Red Jasper is used to prolong sexual pleasure and lodestone stengthens virility so get some stones in those pockets!

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