Letting Go of worries

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

A Dark Moon bonfire

On a dark moon so, we are going to combine the waning moon and a good old-fashioned Bonfire to be free of worries and fears.

Gather some dried weeds, dried lavender or yarrow and a little frankincense resin and, before dark, light your magickal fire outside, made with 13 sticks.

Once the fire is burning, by the light of the fire, write your worries, one by one, on separate pieces of paper in as fewer words as possible. If a person is making your life hell, just write their name, not the whole story…are you with me??

Now, close your eyes and visualise yourself sat inside a magickal sphere with your fire, protected by a blue light. Open your eyes, and throw the weeds on the fire. One by one, put each worry on the fire, stating what it is you have written.

Once all has been burned, throw on the lavender or yarrow and frankincense, saying

“Worries be gone, let happiness come, so mote it be”

and watch your fire burn down. Your worries won’t be gone by the morning but it has set things in motion so you can now stop fretting. Worrying does nothing except give you high blood pressure – only action can change things around you and the time for that is now…

Overcoming fears and worries…

Me… my philosophy is “Don’t worry about what you can’t change” but not everyone is like me! Must be the eternal optimist in being a Sagittarian but I seldom worry about things…maybe I am reaching that age where I figure “What will be, will be” but lots of my customers do, so if you are a worrier, here is a little (or bigger) spell to crush those fears!!

On a waning moon and you can either use a small red candle and a few tumbles or a larger fire outside with some larger pebbles from hillside/beach gathered before the event.

Write your worries down on paper…listing anything you want to overcome. Now, either:

  1. Light your red candle in a holder and place the paper underneath, then using quartz or jasper tumbles, begin circling the candleholder with the stones, stating “Fear is conquered, fear is crushed, worries burned and fears are hushed”as you lay each stone around the candle…then let the candle burn down and then bury the wax and the paper outside…or
  2. Light a small bonfire and encircle the fire with a row of large beach pebbles/stones, or if you have a ready-made pit like mine, add a further circle of stones onto the ones in place, stating as above as you lay them, then burn the paper with your fears listed in the bonfire, then let the bonfire burn and enjoy.

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