Let’s pay those bills!!

By: Green Witch
Posted: 19th February 2020

For this easy spell, gather together;

green candle (mine are naturally scented for money but whatever you can get)

a bottle of Patchouli or Earth oil, a lodestone and a small crystal point

prosperity incense and charcoal or a stick,your Visa bill (or whatever bill needs attending to).

When ready, let’s begin!

Cleanse the lodestone in prosperity incense smoke, hold in your power hand (the one you write with) and say

“Lodestone please bring my way, money for these bills to pay”

Place it on top of the bill or bills. With a crystal point, draw 3 x £ signs around the base of the candle, close your eyes and see the Visa being stamped paid and the outstanding amount being reduced (very few of us will ever pay them off but we all have a lesser amount we prefer to owe). Anoint the candle with patchouli or Earth oil and place in a holder next to the lodestone but also on top of the bills.

Light for at least an hour on a daily basis until extra money has appeared or the money keeps coming to bring the debt back to reality.

The magic of salt – more help with bill paying…

Now most of you will only use salt in cooking, where it can transform even the blandest of food into something tastier, but magickally, this is a fantastic asset to any altar. Salt represents the element Earth and has, in the past, been offered up to deities and has also been used as currency. Without salt, we would die but too much salt and we can also die. It is in our oceans and in our tears. We have all seen the films where, when threatened, any magickal person will surround themselves with a circle of salt to protect against that which cannot be seen…this is defensive magick and the salts energies will arise to cover you in a glowing protective sphere.

Should you have a bad day or need to get rid of the worries of the day, adding salt to your bath transforms you and you can leave your worries in the bathwater and watch them simply drain away. Salt can be added to money spells – try surrounding your fantastic green candle from the green witch with a circle of salt or even sit it in a salt pentagram. Add some money attracting crystals around the circle or pentagram and you are all set to bring that money to your door.

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