Lepidolite & Pink Tourmaline

The stone feels calming and soft and loving and it pulled straight at my heart strings to open it to new emotions. It’s absolutely beautiful so, if you want to find love, maybe there’s one of these special stones waiting for you!!
Pink tourmaline attracts love and is an aphrodisiac, putting you in the mood for love. It says it’s ok to love. It helps support you to love yourself, to learn to trust yourself when it comes to loving others and then supports you in letting someone in close and sharing your life with them. It helps you release baggage from previous relationships so you can relax and enjoy this one, assisted by Lepidolite, which helps clear the blockage from the past to move you forward to the future.

Lepidolite helps you stand up and be free to make your own choices in love for you, not what others may expect your choices to be. It’s your life, so you choose the sort of person you want to spend your life with. Lepidolite will help you make that choice, that change, that transition and quartz will balance it all, and help you find the sort of love that harmonizes and balances you, the sort of love you really want so you can feel what you need to feel to love and be loved. Perfect…
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